We manage customer relationships on time and effectively for a perfect shopping experience.

Price and quality are not the only factors driving consumer purchasing decisions. Call centers, online sales support, marketplace and social media communication, instant live help, and after-sales support also play important roles in connecting the brand with the customer.
Our team of customer relation and CRM platform experts customize communication for your brand, while our call center staff, social media experts and complaint management teams represent your brand in the best manner. Our customer satisfaction surveys help us better understand your customers.
Call center management

Our 24/7 call center offers your customers instant solutions.

Social media management

We show interest in your followers and support them with social media account management.

Marketplace communication management

We manage your store and customer communication on the best ecommerce websites in Turkey.

Email and webchat management

We respond to your customers via your ecommerce website's email and webchat channels.

Complaint management

We manage complaint processes by providing solutions and responses to negative feedback on social media and complaint websites.

Survey and focus group studies

We conduct surveys and focus group studies to better understand your customers and increase customer satisfaction.