One of Turkey’s largest ecommerce logistics infrastructures is at your service!

As soon as your products are sent to our warehouses, we initiate logistics management. In our modern, high-volume warehouses, we use new generation warehouse management systems. We provide end-to-end management of your ecommerce logistics process through our professional warehousing, packaging and cargo services.
If you are looking for an ecommerce warehouse and want the best ecommerce inventory management, product packaging and ecommerce cargo operations, you can consider cooperation with fiCommerce, also you can increase your marketplace store ratings by growing your brand.

How does the logistics process work?

We maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level with effective inventory management, attentive packaging, and accurate and timely delivery. In addition to home delivery, we also offer alternative delivery methods such as pick up point delivery, same-day delivery, and scheduled delivery services.
  • 1
    Receiving products

    All you need to do is send your products to our high-standard warehouses. With the acceptance of the goods, our logistics process begins.

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    We provide an ecommerce warehouse suitable for your products, and we keep them on the shelves safely and ready for sale.

  • 3
    Order management

    We publish your product stock on your ecommerce website and online marketplaces simultaneously, keeping them ready for ecommerce orders.

  • 4
    Multi-channel inventory management

    When an order arrives from any platform, we update your stocks across all platforms and provide a smooth flow with instant inventory management.

  • 5

    We collect your orders, pack them and deliver to the customers through our shipping partners or cargo companies marketplaces have agreements with.

  • 6
    Cargo delivery

    We send your orders to customers' doors with our cargo partners or via cargo companies with marketplace agreements.

  • 7
    Return tracking

    We allow you to easily monitor the entire logistics process, including the return of products, via our platform.