Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy includes information about the use of cookies and similar tools installed on the connection units of our customers and users. 


1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file in which the websites, applications or other platforms store your browsing or usage information on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other similar devices, acting as a tag that identifies your device. Cookies are necessary for purposes such as facilitating browsing, learning and improving the way users interact with platforms. It is also used to provide advertisements to the user according to their preferences and for other purposes detailed below. Cookies do not damage your computer or your device.

When we talk about "cookies" we are also talking about other similar technologies (flash cookies, web beacons or bugs, pixels, HTML5 - local storage) and SDK technologies for application formats, such as collecting or creating information on and through your device. In some cases, these technologies work together with cookies to collect and store information to provide you with certain functions or services on our Platform or to offer you advertising on third-party platforms based on your browsing data.

This definition is an overview of Cookies for information purposes only. Cookies used for special purposes are detailed in the cookie configuration panel available on our Platform.

2. Cookies can be classified according to their purpose as follows:

a. Necessary cookies (technical): Cookies that allow the user to browse a web page, platform or application and use the different options available on them, such as controlling traffic, identifying data or logins, accessing restricted sections or content, using security elements during browsing, requesting registration or participation in an event, storing content for video or audio streaming, activating dynamic content (e.g. text or image upload animation) or sharing content on social networks. Strictly necessary technical cookies are downloaded by default when the display of the platform or the provision of the service requested by the user is authorised.

b. Analysis cookies: Cookies that allow us to calculate the number of users, the sections that users visit on the platform and the way they interact with them in order to make usage measurements and statistical analyses of users to offer improvements through the analysis of usage data from users' use of our platform or service.

c. Behavioural advertising cookies: These are cookies that enable the creation of a specific profile to show advertisements according to the user's browsing habits and store user behavioural information obtained by constant observation of these habits. These cookies enable the easiest possible management of the advertising spaces added by the editor directly or in cooperation with third parties.

3. Why are cookies used on our Platform?

Cookies are an integral part of our Platform's functioning. The main purpose of our cookies is to make your browsing experience more comfortable and efficient. For example, it is used to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during browsing and future visits. Cookies are also used to continuously improve our services and Platform, as well as to provide personalised advertisements based on your browsing habits.

The information collected in cookies also enables us to make our Platform better by making predictions based on statistical data and usage patterns (number of visits, most visited sections, duration of visits, etc.), to statistically know how users interact with the website to improve our services, and in this way to adapt the Platform to your individual interests, to speed up searches, etc.

In some cases, cookies may be used to obtain information (products visited, sections browsed, etc.) that allows us to show advertisements based on the analysis of your browsing behaviour on our Platform, on third parties' platforms or in any other medium.