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Looking for efficient and reliable e-commerce logistics services in Turkey and Europe? Look no further! Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience, ensuring speed and convenience throughout your e-commerce processes.

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We handle every aspect of your brand's e-commerce logistics operations from the get-go to the end with our 14 strategically located warehouses across Turkey, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Our all-inclusive e-commerce logistics solutions ensure smooth goods reception, proficient order preparation, and dependable delivery to your customers, even taking care of the returns. Discover our e-commerce fulfillment services.








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fiCommerce Technology in Fulfillment Service


Our e-commerce logistics service exploits advanced technology to synchronize product, stock, and order details across several warehouses globally.


Our e-commerce logistics service is strengthened by our partnership with ChannelEngine and various integrators, allowing seamless integration into 186 marketplaces. From our 14 international warehouses, we control the complete logistics procedure, empowering your business to touch new horizons.


Connecting your Shopify or Magento website to fiPlatform, takes just 2 minutes.

Delivery Companies

Our e-commerce logistics platform, fiPlatform, lets you access cargo information and statuses of 36 delivery companies.


With fiPlatform, you can easily send invoice information of orders from marketplaces to invoice integrators and get invoice links from integrators.


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