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What is tariff? How does the tariff calculate?

We enlisted what you should know about tariffs’ fee calculated in the international trade process. What is tariff fee? How does the tariff fee calculate? What is the customs duty exemption? All of your questions’ answers are in our article.

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The growth percentage of E-commerce in Europe, 2021 datas and statistics

We all have already noticed that e-commerce is growing up. What about take a look at this awareness whether it is true or not? Through observing the last year’s reports we can check 2021’s e-commerce statistics. We have reviewed recent reports and gathered key data and statistics to help you analyze the current situation in the world and especially in Europe.

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How to e-export to France?

We collected what you need to know in order to start e-export to France, which is the second most populous EU country with its 67 million population after Germany.

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How can you export to Germany?

İçindekilerUtilization of e-commerce in Germany Online-shopping websites in Germany The exported-products from Turkey to GermanyOperations of e-export in Germany Exporting to Germany as an e-commerce topic attracts interest and gains popularity day by day. Many of entrepreneurs who have e-commerce website and sell on marketplaces in Turkey, aimed at German market in Haberi Gör

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