The end-to-end ecommerce solution partner of your brand in international operations

The meeting of many brands of various sizes with consumers in the international arena provides great opportunities for creating new sales channels, branding, and growth. fiCommerce is your partner with end-to-end solutions in this journey full of opportunities.
We provide a very strong logistics infrastructure for your operations in Europe with a team who can speak in your main language. We also integrate you into multiple online sales channels from a single platform. If you want, we design your ecommerce website for your international sales activities with the Shopify and Magento infrastructure.

Store management in Europe’s leading markets

We create a perfect customer experience by responding to customer notifications from different platforms, whether written messages or calls, in various languages.
We manage all of your inventory and order management effortlessly and continuously from the inventory we will keep in Turkey or Europe.

E-export (Cross border)

If you are still in the branding phase and want to experience the European market from Turkey, this option is for you!

You can micro export with ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) for shipments weighing up to 300 kg and goods costing up to 15,000 EUR, especially in categories such as ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and home textiles.

You can manage your orders both in Turkey and abroad with one single inventory.

We accept the goods that will be delivered to our warehouses in Turkey for these shipments and place them into our inventory. When your orders from various platforms arrive at our warehouse, we automatically enter them into our warehouse software system and collect them according to your needs, package them and print the shipping label.

We make it easy for you to prepare the documents you need for micro-export with our shipment integrations.

Throughout the process, you can manage your orders either through the ecommerce website that we will create for you or from your stores in global marketplaces.

Logistics service package in Europe (Local fulfillment in Europe)

You must reach out to your target customers as quickly as possible to gain their loyalty while bringing your brand to Europe. In order to reach your ready-made and target audience, you need to open your store in the right market, respond to the questions and comments from your customers very quickly, and fulfill orders received through various accurately and quickly.

You should also carry out your brand's marketing activities with local partners who are familiar with the dynamics of these new markets. We take on all of your operational responsibilities in this operation, where the customer's satisfaction is paramount and the entire system must operate flawlessly and simultaneously.

Integrated end-to-end and effortless operation management through one inventory, one platform

You can contact us if you don't know how to manage all of your operations or where to start. We manage all your processes on your behalf with our teams in Turkey and our contracted platforms in Europe. We take your goods and ship them to our warehouses in Europe from Turkey and run your operation with high performance with the local fulfillment infrastructure. This way, you can reach your customers in Europe in a very short time, have the opportunity to sell in high-traffic marketplaces that want you to keep your inventory in Europe, and don't have to keep stock in multiple locations for your stores. From a single location, you can sell on a variety of leading marketplaces.

Communication in your main language, access to the global market

By communicating with fiCommerce's expert team in your native language, you can manage all your operations, develop your ecommerce website, receive customer service support in multiple languages, and manage your various marketplace stores in different countries.