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With our cloud-based fiCommerce technology, we propel your e-commerce business into the future. Our scalable e-commerce technology platform promises a seamless, updated, and all-encompassing e-commerce experience every single day.

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We facilitate your marketplace operations including product listing, stock-price updating, order receiving and status updating for more than 180 marketplaces in Turkey and abroad and meet marketplace conditions without any problems.

Order and Return Management

You can feed your returns from warehouses to marketplaces with integrations or to your sales channels with External APIs.

Cargo Integration

With fiPlatform's cargo integrations, we enable you to track cargo in domestic, international and cross-border operations and to monitor the status of your orders instantly.


Through our External APIs we allow you to take the order information that required to create an invoice.

What can you do on fiPlatform?

Easily manage your all process from a single platform

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E-commerce Website Integrations

We provide External APIs for websites created with Shopify, Magento, or Ticimax e-commerce infrastructure. Through these APIs, you can integrate your website with fiPlatform, allowing for two-way integration similar to marketplace flows. This enables product listing, order, and shipping information to be integrated from your site to fiPlatform and back from fiPlatform to your site.


We facilitate your local and cross-border e-commerce fulfillment operations thanks to our WMS integrations with 17 warehouses in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. We also connect your own WMS to fiPlatform via our External APIs

External API Integration

We meet your technological infrastructure needs for your end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment operations with more than 20 External API services. Our service is being developed and expanded in accordance with the developing and changing needs of sector

Product and Stock

You can upload and update your products on fiPlatform via Excel templates or External APIs smoothly and quickly. You can either make your stock-inventory management to fiPlatform or export your stock to fiPlatform via External APIs.

Order Monitoring and Reporting

Through our user-friendly panels, you can track orders and information about these orders within the date range you specify and get detailed information about your stocks.

On the reporting screens, you can access your detailed order reports, review your orders, and pull return and cancellation reports.

ISO 27001

fiCommerce recognizes the value and awareness of data and information security. Through our ISO 27001 certification, we protect all internal and external customer data and information using established controls and protection methods.

In this way, we ensure the data security of the data we have, including the information of our suppliers and customers.

Through the use of our systems, we maintain data security by implementing masked data and role-based access.

We continue to enhance our system infrastructure and architecture to consistently improve data and information security in our ongoing efforts.

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    With fiCommerce technology, you can manage all processes of your e-commerce business from a single place.    

    • E-commerce website integration
    • Domestic and international marketplace integrations
    • Multiple cargo integration
    • Integration of 14 different warehouses in 5 European countries
    • Invoice integration
    • The technological infrastructure needed for your end-to-end e-commerce operations with External API Integration 
    • Order tracking and reporting
    • Product and inventory management 
    • Order and return management

    E-commerce experience requires an extremely comprehensive operation. The technologies you will use for this should support the smooth running and growth of your business. Creating a website owned by your business, attracting traffic to your website with digital marketing activities, integrating marketplaces, meeting your logistics needs, and connecting with your customers with customer service infrastructure are the most important technological areas you need. 

    With our fiCommerce end-to-end E-commerce Logistics and Technology services, we easily provide these processes for your business. You only need to focus on your products and strategies.

    By supporting your business with e-commerce infrastructure technologies, you can benefit from fast, flexible and scalable advantages. Some of these advantages that will provide maximum benefit to your business are as follows; having a website of your business; effortless integration from Turkey to marketplaces abroad; instant tracking of processes such as ordering, storage, shipping, customer service and reporting with cloud-based technologies and realising a smoother operation.

    One of the most important issues for e-commerce businesses is accurate stock management and logistics solutions. Especially in sales made through many sales channels, even if there are few products sold, these processes can cause confusion and errors. If the number of products is also high, this problem is inevitable. Failure to supply products due to stock error also has effects such as fines in trade law and store score reduction in marketplaces. For this reason, it is very important for businesses to use technology-based systems for accurate stock management and logistics solutions. Using software stock control methods for stock management increases the efficiency of existing personnel and prevents cost loss. Soft stock control methods ensure that stocks are up-to-date to be ready to receive sales 24/7 in the e-commerce world.

    Businesses need to plan and improve their logistics processes by using technology in their operational processes for sustainable competition. This is where e-logistics services come into play. With technology-based e-logistics services, businesses can easily manage purchasing, demand forecasting, order processes, storage, packaging, loading, transport, distribution, customer service and return processes.

    With fiCommerce technology services, you can benefit from accurate stock management and e-logistics services.

    E-commerce businesses have operational processes such as collecting orders, storing, packaging and shipping products while selling. In order for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve their growth targets, they must be able to carry out these processes accurately and professionally. At this point, they need technological infrastructure. The technological infrastructure service used in e-commerce operations is called fulfillment service, and working with a third-party service provider for this service provides benefits for e-commerce businesses in many ways. E-commerce businesses can manage all e-commerce operations in the process of receiving the product order, storing, shipping, shipping, and reaching the customer through a single system with the fulfillment service, which is a technology management system.