Guide to Creating a Store on Amazon Turkey

Guide to Creating a Store on Amazon Turkey

Opening a store on Amazon, as the world’s one of the most famous marketplace, is a primary aim of every seller. It really matters to rank your products on Amazon for both your brand’s image and for increasing your sales. Well, how could you join to Amazon as a seller and what are the thing that you should take into consideration? We collected what you should know about Amazon.

Step by step how can be a store opened on Amazon?

  1. Enter address
  2. Click on the “Create account” button (It can be shown as “Hesap Aç” too.)
  3. Respectively fill the requested information from you; business information, seller information, invoice information, store information. Lastly, complete the identity verification step.

The required documents to create a store on Amazon 

To create an Amazon seller account the information and the documents you need are below:

  • Business e-mail address
  • Business type, company registration number, corporation tax number and registered business address
  • Credit card receipt or bank account receipt
  • Credit card information
  • Valid telephone number and identity information

How to log in to the store on Amazon? 

Once your store is open, you can visit the Seller Central website to manage your store on the Amazon marketplace.

Is there any store opening fee on Amazon?

Amazon Subscription fee is 99TL+KDV. For a limited time and from the new sellers, the subscription fee is not requested.

Which products are sold on Amazon?

On Amazon Turkey, you can sell in more than 20 categories. You can have the opportunity to sell more by selling your products in popular categories. Best-seller product categories on Amazon are;

  • Home and Kitchen
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Toys and games
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Health and baby care

Which products can not be sold? 

You cannot sell illegal and banned products by Amazon. Some products which have no sale on Amazon are; prescription medicine, drugs, guns, ammunition and tobacco. On Amazon Turkey, there are no sale for second hand products.

Amazon commission fees 2022 

Amazon commission fees are changing related to the product category that you sell. For instance, if you sell a product on clothing category with 10% commission that the sale price is 200 TL, you need to pay 20 TL commission fee.

Let’s take a look Amazon commission fees related to the categories:

CategorySales commission
Mobile Phone%6
Electronic Accessories%10
Personal Care Devices%10
Construction Market, Kitchen Appliances, and Decoration%10
Kitchen (Small home appliances)%6
White Appliances%7
Toys and Games%10
Baby Products (Except for clothing)%10
Office Goods%10
Shoes, Arm Bags and Shoes Accessories%10
Luggage and Travel Accessories%15
Personal Care and Cosmetics%10
Health and Personal Care%10
Foods Products%10
Video Game Consoles%6
Video Games%10
Automotive and Motorcycle%7
Accessories%20 (total sale amount 900 TL or lower)

%3 (total sale amount higher than 900 TL)


What are the thing to take consideration for product listing on Amazon? 

Be careful to list the products as variation which have differences only like colour, size and scent.

Do not forget to fill the barcode requirements like product UPC and GTIN(Global Trade Item Number)

Check the image suitability.

How should product images be shown on Amazon?

You should take care of preparing product images properly to Amazon standards to begin to sell on Amazon.

Amazon image requirements:

  • Amazon product image resolution must be at least 500×500 pixels.
  • A solid white background must be used.
  • The product must fill 80% of the image.
  • Only the selling-product takes place on photo.

How can you increase your Amazon sales? 

  • Amazon lists products based on a hundred of criteria. With Amazon SEO techniques you can increase the visibility of your products, reach more customers. Search algorithm known as A10 algorithm’s main criterias are:

-Product title

-Product description



-Store name

-Search terms

-True category choice

-Conversion rate

-Customer reviews

  • Try advertisement models, enlarge your audience

The most popular advertisement tools try to introduce your products and brand:

-Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

-Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

-Facebook Ads

-Google Ads

Manage your store with fiCommerce Amazon integration is so easy! 

What about to manage all of your stores in the marketplaces from one location easily? Marketplace management package provides all services for your requirements:

  • Product listing on local marketplaces
  • Campaign management
  • Order tracking
  • Answering the customers’ questions

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