What Is the Relation Between Storage and Product Category? Why Is It Important?

What Is the Relation Between Storage and Product Category? Why Is It Important?

Importance and Difference of E-commerce Logistics

Undoubtedly, the most important part of e-commerce on the operational side is logistics. Since the leading marketplaces of the world had already noticed that, they invented huge amounts in the field of logistics and have been developing themselves day by day. In order to meet the increasing order demands, a strong logistics infrastructure is a requirement. Shipping the correct product, good packaging, and delivering it on time affect the process positively in terms of the customer. However, at the beginning of the operation, there are some points to be careful of as well. E-commerce logistics, which includes much more value-added services compared to other logistics operations, includes unique steps from the beginning to the end of the operation.

E-commerce logistics begin with good-in process similar to other logistics operations. Boxes, pallets, etc. from the manufacturer or seller. The products sent are scanned one by one and reviewed for stockpiling. While in the good-in process, the external box control is being given as standard, value-added services like internal eye checking can be given. For example, if you are a shoe seller you can demand special control steps like “Whether the 2 of shoes’ number is the same inside the box or not” After the good-in process, storage comes and today we focus on storage.

Why Stocking According to Product Category Is Important?

In contrast to shopping from brick-and-mortar, your customers have no chance to touch your products. When the product that they had displayed from your sales channels could not meet the expectation, it would impact satisfaction badly. Until your customers purchase your goods, storing them in good condition will preserve both shelf-life and quality. If the product group that needs to be stocked with hangers is stocked folded, wrinkles will increase as long as the product waits in the warehouse, or if flammable products are stocked in the same area, not in a special area, some undesirable results may occur. It is a need to foresee the possible damages due to that, for this reason, it is quite important that your logistics partner should offer you the right storage conditions.

Which product category, how to be stocked?

Let’s begin with defining stocking types first. We will share some product category examples proper to that definition.

Mezzanine Shelf Storage: Mezzanine shelf is a shelf system that provides to the utilization of a warehouse height space in the most efficacious way. By using shelf consoles a layer will be added and related to the height of the warehouse how many layers will be added is determined. The width of these layers will be calculated and according to that calculation by locating shelf boxes in the dimensions to use this space most effectively, products will be allocated. Some products do not need to be stored on a box shelf. Issues like both the relevant product’s dimensions and whether it has its own box/package will determine that. In order to prevent the loss of small products and on behalf of increase the performance of the operation, these product categories will be stored by locating them inside the boxes.

For shelf stocking unit goods (lipstick, pencil, decoratives etc product categories) for folded stocking needed retail goods some fashion categories, products of sports category (yoga mat, dumbbell etc), home decoration(small or big) can be given as examples.

Hanging Storage: This storage type is very important for brands who sell in the fashion category. Nightdress, maxi-length dresses, garments that own special or sensitive fabrics, overcoats, etc product groups are not suitable for folded storage on the mezzanine shelf. In order to prevent the quality of these types of products during the stocking period, hanging storage is necessary.

In hanging storage, products are not stored in shelf boxes, they are stored in a place special to this product group. Field measurement is very important for logistics companies since they utilize the field effectively they manage more than one operation in one place. Due to prevent the products that require hanging storage (dust contamination, prevent color diversification caused by warehouse’s light and temperature, etc conditions), there should be a protective nylon bag, package, etc.

Temperature Controlled Room: Logistics companies have to optimize the working conditions of warehouse employees. One of these optimizations is the augment the temperature of working place against changing weather conditions. However, some product categories are not suitable to be stored under that temperature conditions due to their containing chemicals. The product categories proper to be stored in temperature-controlled room supplements, Medtech (medical technology products), lenses, vitamins can be given as examples. Some food product categories are included in a temperature-controlled room. The products that can be affected by temperature measures like chocolate, canned foods etc are stored here.

Inflammable Room: Some products are because of their ingredients in comparison with other product categories. For the storage of these products, inflammable rooms are proper and in legislation logistics companies have limited to 5.000 liters. Yet if the stock amount exceeded this limit, for instance, there is a need for 5.005 liters, an inflammable repository investment is necessary. These fields are stocking field where is warmed special to that product group, protected by supported with isolated space inside of the warehouse and have a special deflation system in case of any fire/explosion. 

Perfumes in the cosmetics category, deodorants are to be stocked in inflammable rooms. Fuel, mining oils, pressurized inside the box or all kinds of products that contain any flammable material inside its formula are stored in inflammable rooms.

Partial Stocking: We mentioned that warehouse areas should be used efficiently. While calculating this area, some product groups may require a separate stocking. Especially large product categories are kept in pallet storage areas.

We can give examples of large product groups in this product category. For example, if you sell air conditioners through your e-commerce site, the stocking in the warehouse will be in the form of partial stocking. The main product, the air conditioner and its hose, etc. Spare parts are also stocked.

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