Why Should You Get Fulfillment Service?

Why Should You Get Fulfillment Service?

E-commerce is an extremely dynamic sector where rapid growth is possible. The star of brands that implement successful supply management can shine in an instant. It is crucial to maintain the momentum you have gained in this industry and not compromise on the experience you provide to your customers.

 You can meet the logistics activities that intensify as your sales increase by receiving fulfillment services. Thus, you can transfer your e-commerce operations to a professional company and focus on other issues that your business needs. If you are thinking about what are the advantages of the fulfillment service, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

What is fulfillment?

Fulfilment services are a type of service that manages logistics operations such as storage, packaging, shipment and customer service for e-commerce businesses. 

What are the advantages of a fulfillment service?

Companies that offer fulfillment services store your products and provide inventory management. This allows you to effectively monitor your products and optimise your stock levels. Fulfillment centres are often spread across different regions, so they offer customers the ability to make faster deliveries. This can increase customer satisfaction and contributes to the possibility of customers making repeat purchases. Fulfillment services undertake operational tasks such as warehouse operations, packaging and cargo management. This can help you to reduce the time and resources your business devotes to such tasks. Fulfillment services can scale in line with the growth of your business. When you want to add new products or expand into new markets, you can easily increase the support of these service providers. Fulfillment service can reduce your operating costs. You can save money by outsourcing costly tasks such as renting warehouses, hiring staff and managing logistics processes. Companies that offer fulfillment services usually specialise in logistics and inventory management. Therefore, you can get better service quality by using this service. Fulfillment services can also help with customer service issues. They can handle customer service tasks such as returns, customer enquiries and complaints. Using fulfillment services allows your business to focus more on strategic issues. You can devote more time and energy to product development, marketing and growth strategies.

1. You provide high-quality logistics service at a low cost

We share the same opinion with you if you say, “Every job should be done by an expert”. We think it is a very good idea to choose a 3rd party logistics company that has worked with customers from many different sectors in the field of logistics and has gained many years of experience. A strong company that offers end-to-end e-commerce services can develop innovative strategies for your logistics activities. Thus, it can transform your supply chain into a cost-effective and responsive model. It can also utilise state-of-the-art solutions in key areas such as warehouse management and delivery. Not having to invest in technology and new recruitments in the field of logistics will reduce your costs. A 3rd party that has made this investment and has experienced employees can manage your e-commerce operations in the best way for you.

2. You gain time to focus on your tasks

Since business life involves many different operations such as marketing, finance, sales, logistics, human resources and administrative management, it is not possible to keep up with every subject. For the success of your brand, you need to focus on the right issues for you by using time efficiently. Certainly, giving the logistics operations of your product sales to a company specialised in this field will save you time. You can use this valuable time to make managerial decisions or business development. 

3. You offer fast delivery options to your customers

Today’s customers expect their orders to reach them as soon as possible. Fast delivery stands out as an important issue that creates a competitive advantage in e-commerce. Whether you have a small or medium-sized brand, customers will assume that you will deliver in the same duration as giant stores. If you do not have a strong logistics network, you may have difficulty meeting your customers’ expectations. By getting a fulfillment service, you can find the chance to work with a 3rd party logistics company with a comprehensive logistics network and fast delivery.

4. You get closer to your customers by gaining a location advantage

The best part of e-commerce is that your stores in the digital world can be visited from anywhere in the world. The online location of your stores is sufficient, but the physical location of your warehouses is important. For example, if you are making sales in Turkey, you can deliver your products to the majority of your customers as soon as possible by positioning your products in a warehouse close to Istanbul, the most populous city in the country. You can even gain strength against your competitors by offering special options such as same-day delivery. You can transfer your logistics operations to a company that has a warehouse in Istanbul and makes fast distribution from this city to anywhere in Turkey. If you are doing or planning to do e-export abroad, it is even more important to deliver your products to your customers as soon as possible. For this reason, it would be a very good decision to choose a 3rd party solution partner that can support you with fulfillment services in the countries you want to e-export.

5. You gain flexibility against sales fluctuations

Periodic increases and decreases in orders can cause sales fluctuations. Or you may suddenly experience rapid growth that you’re not sure how it will continue. It may not make sense to keep a larger warehouse or switch to a smaller warehouse every time sales volumes change. If you work with a 3rd party logistics company, you don’t have to think about warehouse management. Instead of selling according to stocks, you have the opportunity to act flexibly by keeping stocks according to sales. If you are a rapidly growing brand, having no doubts about the warehouse will help you maintain your momentum.

You should get the fulfillment service from a company specialised in logistics

Fulfillment service offers many different advantages to your brand. You need to get this service from a company that specialises in logistics and has a comprehensive logistics network. As fiCommerce, we offer end-to-end e-commerce solutions. With one of Turkey’s most powerful logistics networks, we manage your operations such as storage, packaging and delivery in the best way. In Turkey, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we manage your brand’s e-commerce logistics processes from start to finish with our 14 different warehouses. We keep your products in our warehouses located in strategic locations in these countries. We take action as soon as the order is received and deliver the products to your customers as soon as possible. You can review the operations we offer for your brand on our fulfillment services page and fill out our contact form to get to know us better.

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