How to set up an e-commerce website with Magento?

How to set up an e-commerce website with Magento?

If you want to set up an e-commerce website where you can sell your products and you have searched a little bit about this topic, you have probably come across the name Magento. This platform allows you to set up an e-commerce website and sell from an online shop especially shown high growth recently. The things that you should know about Magento are waiting for you in this blog.  

What is Magento? 

Indicated as one of the best e-commerce platforms Magento draws attention as an infrastructure which formed by using open source. Open source platform provides the opportunity of managing to the users for edit their shops’ visuality, functions and contents. The platform which offers various tools like marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management, from small to big ones appeal to all kind of shops.  

The things that you should know about Magento  

The platform which is purchased by Adobe in 2018 and its name changed to Adobe Commerce, is still widely known as Magento. Magento uses artificial intelligence and extended data-sharing features, by offering an end-to-end personalized experience for being flexible, extendable, and scalable.  

Create a Page On Magento 

Magento infrastructure contains a page maker to ease your e-commerce website’s content and description. This system provides to create content with an infrastructure easy-to-use and personalization for certain customer segmentation. Buy its drag and drop tools without needing for software developer support, fastily create content and shopping experiences, and update your pages.  

Inventory Management on Magento 

Due to being flexible about fulfillment, you should have a reliable inventory. Magento helps you to manage that inventory correctly. By controlling your stocks in real-time and in true stores, you can ship your products comfortably. With real-time inventory datas, you can offer. 

Magento Extensions 

In order to develop your e-commerce website you can use the extensions that Magento offers. From Magento Marketplace, it is possible to reach a thousand of free or paid extensions. You can check the extensions in many categories like customer services, payment, security, marketing, accounting, finance, cargo, fulfillment, and optimization, by adding them to your e-commerce website you can increase the utility.  

Advantages of Magento  

  • Being a powerful platform with many features, Magento allows you to manage hundreds of products without any problems. Offering product and inventory management features to make it easy to organize your e-commerce site, Magento also offers a variety of filters and navigation settings to help increase conversion rates and improve the overall performance of your site.  
  • With Magento, which offers you a wide scope for customization, you can customize everything you want, from the look of your store to the way you configure product categories. But you have to consider that developing a fully customized store requires coding everything from scratch. 
  • Magento offers flexible content management, allowing you to customize the content as you wish and make your store user-friendly. The tools hosted by the platform help you edit the pages of your e-commerce site without any technical knowledge. 
  • Speed of your website is one another biggest advantage of Magento. Users nowadays want to complete their transactions extremely fast, and long lasting loadings cause the visitors to left website. Magento provides the low-loading span, despite the extended product inventory in your store.  

How to choose hosting for Magento? 

Magento; like WordPress, Opencart, cannot be hosted in sharing-hosting infrastructure. Magento Ecommerce infrastructure that offers high performance requires a hosting which has high technical hardwares. Well, what are the things that you should pay attention about choosing a hosting for Magento? 

  • Choose a corporate hosting company and easily access technical support when you need it. 
  • Review the hosting firms which support security services like free SSL certificate, firewall. 
  • Prefer the hosting package for a fast e-commerce website which has a high RAM capacity and storage space, CPU distribution. 

We set up your e-commerce website with Magento infrastructure  

Magento which can be set up free, from  set up process to website management, in many fields, requires a basic coding knowledge. We recommend you to work with professionals for an e-commerce website which works flawlessly and user-friendly. As fiCommerce that offers end-to-end e-commerce services, we can set up your e-commerce website integrated with Magento. 

We disburden you about what e-commerce operations requires like website set up, product management and listing, stock tacking and update, cargo tracking, analysis and reporting. By visiting our E-commerce website design you can get information in a detailed way.  

Besides if you wonder about Shopify infrastructure, think about which one should you prefer, we recommend you to read our How to set up e-commerce website with Shopify? blog. By knowing which platform is profitable for you according to your needs and submit an offer, you can contact us.   

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