Guide To Create a Store on n11

Guide To Create a Store on n11

By creating your store on which has 17 million registered users, you can start to sell both all around Turkey and to 26 countries of the world. About creating a store on n11 check our tips now.

Things You Should Know About n11, one of the few e-commerce sites in Turkey, was founded in 2013 by Doğuş Group and South Korea-based SK Group. After 50 million dollars the investment was done in 2022, Getir owned 33,3% share of n11. According to SimilarWeb data,’s monthly average visitor number is 35 million. 

How To Create an n11 Store?

●  In order to create a store on n11, visit page and click the button on the bottom Ücretsiz Mağaza Aç (Create Store Free).

●  Fill in the information like bank information, category that you sell, store name

●  Approve by reading Seller Announcement and Collaboration Agreement.

● You will receive an activation form at your e-mail address. Click on the activation link and login with using your determined username, password.

●  On the opening page pass to Document Management step and upload the documents you’ve prepared to the system, afterwards send the documents to approval.

●   Within 1-3 days your document will be controlled and approved. After the approval of your documents, you can start to sell from your n11 store!

What Are The Required Documents To Create a Store on n11?

Related to the company type, the required documents that you need to upload to n11 system are changing.

If you have a sole trade company, required documents to create an n11 store:

●      Tax Form

●      Authorized signatures list

●      Identity Card Photocopy

●      Commission Agreement

●      Seller Announcement and Collaboration Agreement

Corporation company or unincorporated association the required documents to create a store on n11:

●      Certificate of good standing belongs to last 6 months

●      Tax Form

●      Establishment Trade Registry Gazette

●      Authorized signatures list

●      Cooperation agreement (for unincorporated association)

●      n11 Commission Agreement

●      Seller Announcement and Collaboration Agreement (n11 Contract)

What Are The Advantages to Create a Store on n11?

There are lots of advantages to create a store on Some of them are:

●  Your payments will be paid on a promise of n11, within 7 days to your bank account

●  You can list your products up to 3000 quantity freely.

● You can begin to e-export with n11, ship your products to your customers who locate in different countries.

● You can utilize from free product photo shoot service.

●  You can manage your store from mobile application.

n11 Commission Rates 2022

According to the category that you sell, check 2022 n11 commission rates. There can be some changes on commission rates, in order to updated ones, please visit page.

CategoryCommission rates
Electronics5% – 13%
Mother & baby15% – 20%
Cosmetics10% – 15%
Book, Music, Movie, Games3% – 15%
Sport12% – 15%
Jewelry & Watches5% – 20%
Automotive & Motorcycle2% – 12%  
Fashion17% – 20%

How to E-export on n11?

Among the ways to e-export on n11 direct e-export and e-export from foreign marketplace take place.

Direct E-Export on n11

You can ship your products with direct e-export to Azerbeijan and TRNC. Without making an any application you can start to e-export quickly. 

E-export with Foreign Marketplaces

If your store point is equal to 95 and above and the products you want to sell are proper to National Air Freight Terms, you can make an application to the Foreign Marketplace project, after the approval you can ship your products to 26 countries.  

What Are the Things You Should Carry About While Doing E-export on n11?

In order to sell your products to abroad from n11, there are some criteria that you should carry about.

●  Since your products can be found among the search results and their translations can be translated, you need to be sure about the product title and description are true and enough.

●  The first product photo that you choose should have a white background and high resolution, do not contain writing.

● For e-export, you should not choose personalized products with batteries, 20 decimeters or more, containing hazardous substances (mineral oil, cleaning materials, etc.).

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