What is happening on Shopify: Updates and New Developments

What is happening on Shopify: Updates and New Developments

Shopify as one of the most popular e-commerce infrastructures in the world develops itself to keep in step with the online shopping world which grows day by day. It should be told that the e-commerce ecosystem is having lively times nowadays.

Preparation for many campaigns has already started like forthcoming November campaigns, New Years sales. Every passing campaign period brought different experiences to everyone who took place on e-commerce world and taught what are the requirements.

We also want to gaze at the updates by Shopify which renewed inside in many fields from payments to campaigns.

About payments

Without the payment, shopping will not be completed, it is obvious. Shopify offers its payment infrastructure however it is not allowed in every country. For this reason, the brands that sell from an outside country where is not included in Shopify Pay need to integrate 3rd party payment methods into their websites. In the included countries, sellers can prefer different payment methods however Shopify can put some prior conditions like “First use Shopify Pay and then you can use the other infrastructure”

From 31st July, 3rd party payment providers who work with Shopify need to provide an application special for Shopify. If the requested application will not take place on the application store, unfortunately, it will not be allowed to integrate into the system.

If these updates don’t match Shopify correctly, customers can’t complete their purchase. The biggest part of e-commerce is customer experience. When this experience is not led end-to-end in a good way, you will lose your customers and it affects your sales negatively. For this reason, following the updates properly is very significant.

Let’s talk about campaigns

The discount combination is among Shopify’s updates. This is one of the most expected feature for a long time by the brands on Shopify. Discount combinations not only make your customers use the special promotions and coupons you have created in your store, but also enable your customer to benefit from both campaigns in one order, if you have created an automatic discount setup on your site.

In Shopify, campaigns can be expanded with applications as well as campaign setups that it offers to everyone. The default campaign type divides into two different types manual and automatic. By generating a special coupon your customer is able to use discount on the checkout page or automatic discounts can be applied like %X discount, over X$ free shipping etc. Before this update, customers can be benefitted from just one discount either manual or automatic. Now they can use both of them at the same time.

Shopify did not forget B2B

B2B is a sale modal that refers to selling between the companies and having a higher volume. Due to that, it contains some specific conditions rather than selling to the end customer, Shopify adapts itself to B2B structure.

Well, how can we use Shopify while we are selling in B2B modal? In order to build those customizations on Shopify, it is a requirement to get GraphQL Admin API. Currently, it is only open for the developers and Plus user merchants.

Overcome the language barrier with a global infrastructure

As of 14 September, Shopify supports you for global sales via a new application on the system. The name of the application is Translate & Adapt and is presented to the brands as totally free. The application gathers the features of manual translation, automatic translation, content creation specifically for the market, and localization.

  • With manual translation, sellers can edit the translated texts.
  • With automatic translations, it offers an automatic translation service for different alphabetic languages like Korean, Chinese.
  • Let’s explain the market-specific content with an example; guess you are selling household appliances. “Refrigerator” and “Fridge” belongs to the same language and have the same meaning, however, they are in use for different areas. At that point, it customizes your contents related to the area you are selling.
  • Finally the localization; in addition to the previous instance, many pages like collection pages, product listings are localized according to the entered domain. It opens the experience door to your customers with different currencies, different payment methods and doing the required settings on the theme.

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