Guide to creating a store on Trendyol

Guide to creating a store on Trendyol

If you aim at growing your brand, creating a store on Trendyol comes as the first thing on your to-do list. Creating a store on Trendyol, which has more than 35 million customers and is the biggest marketplace in Turkey, draws attention among the most important step to joining e-commerce.

Maybe there are some questions come to your mind about open a store on Trendyol: We gathered the answers of the questions for you like How to sell on Trendyol? How does the process of create a store go on? What are the conditions to open a store? What can we do to boost our sales? and summed up all details that you need to know.

Step by step how to create a store on Trendyol?

Creating a store on Trendyol is so easy. You can apply online easily and take a step into the e-commerce world.

  • Enter address.
  • Click the button “Sell on Trendyol” (maybe it is seen as “Trendyol’da Satıcı Olun”)
  • Enter “Seller Application Form” (or “Satıcı Başvuru Formu”) and follow the instructions.

The requirements for the application of creating a store on Trendyol

You have to establish a company to be a seller on Trendyol. If you have a corporation, limited or sole trader company, you can easily make an application to sell on Trendyol marketplace.

The informations that are requested from the sellers are below:

  • Name-Surname
  • Mobile phone number
  • E-mail address
  • The category of the products that will be sold
  • Company type (Sole, limited, corporation)
  • Identity number (for sole traders) or tax identification number (for other types of companies)
  • Kep address
  • MERSIS number
  • IBAN number belonging to your company
  • Invoice, return warehouse and shipping warehouse addresses

The documents that you need to prepare for be a seller on Trendyol are below:

  • Seller membership contract
  • Commercial registry gazette
  • Tax board
  • Certificate of good standing (last 6 months, for companies with share capital)
  • Authorized signatures list

If you completed the requirements to sell on Trendyol, you upload the documents to the system and wait for the approval. After being approved, within 10 work days you have to send Seller Membership Contract signed and wet stamped. If you have a sole trader company name, surname and identity number are enough. Trendyol store creation application is generally completed within 1-7 days and you can begin to sell your products.

How to log in Trendyol store?

After being a member to log in Trendyol as seller you can visit address. You reach Trendyol seller platform with your predefined password and e-mail address while you are making an application. If you wish by downloading Trendyol Seller Platform from Google Play and App Store you can follow your sales, campaign and announcements.

Is there any fee for opening a store on Trendyol?

Opening a store on Trendyol is free, there is no store opening price.

Trendyol commission rates 2022

If you are a seller on Trendyol, you have to pay commission for each products you’ve sold. Commission rates are changing related to product groups and brands. For example, when you sell a product that is the sale price is 200 TL, the commission rate is 15%, then you must pay 30 TL commission. In some certain periods, commission supports are being provided, to follow the campaign can be useful to you.

Let’s check Trendyol commission rates according to categories:

CategoryCommission Rates
Accessories%11,8 – %22
Shoes%11,8 -%23
Child%11,8 -%18,5
Electronics%6- %25
Home and Living%6 – %20
Fashion%11,8 – %21
Cosmetics and Personal Care%10 – %16,5
Sport Goods%5 – %14
Supermarket%10 – %17

There may be some changes in commission rates, you can check updated rates from Trendyol Commissions page.

Tips for increasing sales on Trendyol

If you have completed the process of store opening successfully, next step is listing your products and begin to sales. Well, what we should take into consideration while we are selling on Trendyol?

  1. Enter your product informations detailly

In e-commerce, entering the product name and product description completely and using qualified images make buying decision of your customers easier, so it takes place as an important factor among selling increasing.

  1. Determine the true price

By researching the market, determine the true price and control the price regularly.

  1. Empower the inventory of best seller products

Control your inventory regularly, evaluate to increase the best seller products.

  1. Join campaigns

By joining Trendyol campaigns you can reach more customers.

  1. Keep your store score high

Increasing your Trendyol store score helps you to sell more. Well, how can you increase your store score?

  • Deliver your products to cargo in time.
  • Give importance quality control process, aim at reducing the return rates.
  • Pack your products against being damaged.
  • Response return demands from customers.
  • Aim at response customer questions within one hour.
  1. Advertise your store

Use social media, share advantages special to your store with customers.

Managing your store with fiCommerce Trendyol integration is so easy!

With fiCommerce you can manage all of your stores in marketplaces from one point easily.

In fiCommerce marketplace management plan you will find all of the services that you need:

  • Product listing in local marketplaces
  • Campaign management
  • Order tracking
  • Answering customer questions

By taking place in more than 100 marketplace, to speed up e-commerce process you can fill the contact form and contact us. From 14 different warehouses in Turkey, Germany, England and the Netherlands, in addition to shipping opportunities for your products all over the world, working with 36 cargo company opportunity waits for you.

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