The growth percentage of E-commerce in Europe, 2021 datas and statistics

The growth percentage of E-commerce in Europe, 2021 datas and statistics

We all have already noticed that e-commerce is growing up. What about take a look at this awareness whether it is true or not? Through observing the last year’s reports we can check 2021’s e-commerce statistics. We have reviewed recent reports and gathered key data and statistics to help you analyze the current situation in the world and especially in Europe.

E-Commerce continue to grow all over the world

In 2021, e-commerce sales around the world reached approximately 4,9 trillion USD. It is envisioned that according to Statista’s data, this growth will increase. The e-commerce sector, which has expanded globally, grows in Europe similarly as well. E-commerce in Europe is getting more popular day by day like rest of the world.

The 2022 European E-commerce Report shows that in 2021, e-commerce revenue across Europe grew by 13% to €718 billion. The growth rate remains stable, slightly higher than in 2020. Forecasts for 2022 predict a trend that continues to rise. On the other hand, growth is estimated at 11%, reaching €797 billion.

The rise of online shopping in Europe is interesting

West Europe continues with holding the best turnover share with 63% rate. East Europe’s high growth ratios, according to last year, draws attention too. East Europe generates 2% of the e-commerce income in Europe. The rate of first time online shoppers in their life, we see North Europe with 86% rate states in the first line. West Europe follows this area with its 84% rate. Which countries in Europe have the largest number of online consumers? Netherland 94%, Denmark 92% and Sweden 92% takes their place in the first three lines. (Ecommerce News)

The e-export ratio in Europe approach 40%

In Europe, which includes developed countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and Poland Although consumers most often buy from national sellers, e-exports account for an extremely large proportion. According to the information given by Ecommerce News, while 84% of consumers shop from national sellers, the rate of e-export preferred consumers reaches 40%. At a glance, the best seller products in Europe are textile, shoe and accessories. 68% of online shopping in the last quarter of 2021 includes these categories.

E-commerce rises again in European Countries

Germany approaches 109,1 billion USD sales volume in 2021 as the 5th largest e-commerce market in the world. It is expected that the sales will increase in the following years when 14% increase was seen during the year. 

France draws attention with 66,9 billion USD income in 2021 as the 7th largest market. France’s e-commerce market displayed 14% increasing. 

Netherland with 21,7 billion USD income showing that 17th largest market one step forward to Turkey for the ecommerce. Netherland’s ecommerce market in 2021 displayed 14% increasing.

According to the data given by EcommerceDB countries like Germany, France and Netherlands, the growth goes on in other countries of Europe. Through raising on both national and international shoppings, sales volume and income rise in direct proportion.

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