How to e-export to France?

How to e-export to France?

We collected what you need to know in order to start e-export to France, which is the second most populous EU country with its 67 million population after Germany.

Utilization of E-Commerce in France

If you plan to e-export to France, you have to observe consumer habits detailly. How about taking a look at some numerical data on French consumers according to the results of the PPRO 2021 report? 

  • It is indicated that the e-commerce volume of France reached 123 billion dollars in 2021.
  • In France e-export comprise 15% of e-commerce. With e-export 50% of users shop from abroad, which draws attention with 20.1 billion volumes, 
  • Users mostly shop from textiles and shoes categories. Household goods and furniture, food and beverages rank among high sharing categories.
  • It is attractive that 53% of customers use credit card while 23% of them prefer digital wallets.

The most preferable shopping websites in France

There is more than 200 marketplace operates in French market where is quite attractive for e-commerce. According to Similarweb data results, here are the most 10 popular marketplaces in France:

  1. Amazon
  2. Cdiscount
  3. eBay
  4. Aliexpress
  5. Leroy Merlin
  6. Vinted
  8. ManoMano
  9. La Redoute
  10. Veepee

Exported-products from Turkey to France

According to Trading Economics datas in 2021, 9.36 billion dollar value exported from Turkey to France. So what are the most exported products to France?

Vehicles except for railway 3,58 Billion Dollars
Machinery, nuclear reactor, boilers 1,17 Billion Dollars
Electricity, electronic equipments  617.08 Million Dollars
Ready to wear textile products 523,37 Million Dollars
Products from iron or steel 294.07 Million Dollars

You can check the whole product list here.

What are the advantages about e-export to France?

You have many reasons to begin e-export to France, we sort the major ones:

  • You can earn currency.
  • You will reach more customers, increase your sales.
  • You can benefit from the government’s incentives.
  • Besides, you can benefit from exporter credits of the banks.

How much does VAT cost in France?

20% rate static VAT is applied.

How to do micro export to France?

One of the most advantageous way of selling the goods globally for small and medium-sized businesses is micro export. According to the terms of micro-export, the total weight of the products you ship at a time should not exceed 300 kilograms and the revenue should not exceed 15,000 euros.

VAT tax refund and customs duty exemption are counted as the benefits of micro export. Besides, micro export incentives of the governments can be helpful while you are enlarging your brand. 

How should the products be packed that will be exported to France?

EU rules are valid for packing and labeling of the products which will be exported to France. Informations like user instructions of labels and service conditions written in French is mandatory.  Since quality and appearance are a priority for French consumers, taking care of design when packaging products can also be extremely beneficial for customer satisfaction.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to submit to program’s necessities is another important point while you are shipping the goods to France. What is EPR? As an environment plan EPR holds the producers responsible for the whole lifecycle of the products that consists of production, design, and waste management. In general, it aims at preventing and reducing the harmful effects of packing wastes, electronic devices, batteries and other environmentally hazardous substances. 

Marketplaces offer EPR registration number from the sellers to prove EPR compatibility while they are selling in certain categories. Before you start to sell in Europe, you should know the EPR requirements of the marketplaces detailly, and be sure that you provide the conditions. 

Which payment methods do customers prefer in France?

Another issue that you shall pay attention to while you do e-export to France is presenting alternative payment methods  on your website. According to Statista’ s 2021 datas, 58% of French consumers prefer bank and credit cards while 38% of them chose PayPal and similar payment methods.

Begin e-export to France now with fiCommerce !

When you grow your ecommerce business with selling abroad, fiCommerce teams will be with you at every step.With your end-to-end ecommerce business partner fiCommerce, you can start to e-export in a short time. 

What does fiCommerce offer you during e-export process?

  • We are designing your websites with Shopify and Magento infrastructures.
  • We manage your official stores in the most preferable marketplaces in France like Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, Aliexpress from one platform.
  • We receive your goods to our warehouses in Europe from Turkey and quicken your e-export operations with local fulfillment services.
  • We keep customer satisfaction at high rates with our different language-speaker customer support teams.

To begin e-export to France and open up to Europe, you can check the detailed information from our e-export and global e-commerce solutions page about the processes for warehouse management, stock management, website management and customer support service. Fill the contact form and contact us to receive an offer. 

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