How to e-export to England?

How to e-export to England?

Do you know that 82% of the people who live in UK bought at least one product in 2021 from the internet? ( This shows that it is quite true that you want to be among the vendors who will e-export to the UK. We absolutely recommend reading this article before you start to e-export to UK.

Utilization of e-commerce in United Kingdom

E-commerce continues to rise in the UK, one of the places where online shopping is most popular in the world. In 2020, e-commerce volume referring to 20% of the total market in the country reached 30% in 2021. Annual income from e-commerce exceeded 120 billion dollars. According to all data based on reports, the United Kingdom must be one of the first location to come into mind when e-export is the topic.

According to PPRO’s research, the UK e-commerce market, which is worth 281 billion dollars, is growing at 9% per year. Averagely one e-commerce user in the United Kingdom spends 4.199 dollars on online shops yearly. Consumers in the UK complete 55% of their online purchases using a mobile device.

England Export Numbers

One of the most important things to know for whom want to e-export to the United Kingdom is that 42% of consumers prefer cross-border shopping. Product buying from abroad in England constitutes 11% of the total e-commerce value. This ratio makes the UK an important market for e-exports. (PPRO)

If you aim at e-export to England, it would be highly beneficial to have knowledge about the most popular marketplaces. According to Statista 2022 July data, Amazon took the first line with 474 million visitors monthly. We share the most visited marketplaces in UK and recommend you check the whole platforms.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Wayfair
  • OnBuy
  • ManoMano
  • Zalando

Online Shopping Websites in United Kingdom

If you wonder what are the most visited e-commerce websites in UK, we shall share the top 10. It is certain that it will help you in your e-export journey to check these websites, brands and products.


Exported Products From Turkey to UK

According to Trading Economics report, the exportation income from Turkey to England reached 13,7 billion dollars in 2021. Well, which are among the most sold products? Let’s gaze at the best-selling products from Turkey to UK together.

Vehicles except for railways2.88 Billion Dollars
Electric and electronic equipments1.60 Billion Dollars
Handmade textile products1.43 Billion Dollars
Machine, nuclear reactor, vessel1.21 Billion Dollars
Pearl, precious stones, medals and moneys898.05 Million Dollars
Iron and steel products697.12 Million Dollars
Ready-to-wear textile products559.57 Million Dollars
Plastics537.69 Million Dollars
Iron and steel413.67 Million Dollars
Aluminium289.36 Million Dollars

It is possible to check the total list of all exported products from Turkey to UK from here.

Payment Methods Used in United Kingdom

The UK stands out as a country where the use of debit and credit cards is widespread..  According to PPRO’s indicated report 51% of English consumers pay their online transactions with bank and credit card. Among the payment methods except for card, e-wallets with 32%, money orders with 7% and cash payment with 1% take place. When it is considered the market volume of cart providers, Visa 78%, MasterCard 21% and American Express 1% come forward with these rates.

From where should you start for e-export to England?

E-commerce abroad is seen as one of the most popular initiatives today. Well, how can you start to e-export? As fiCommerce you can find answers to all your question marks and we can meet you with our e-export services. With our e-export service to the UK, you can start selling in the UK in the easiest way.

  • We setup an e-commerce website for your brand with Shopify infrastructure and managing your store on marketplaces.
  • We are keeping your stock in our warehouses in Turkey or in UK related to operation requirements, manage your orders coming from the customers instead of you.
  • Our expert team, communicate in English with the clients in UK and keep on communicating with you in Turkish allowing you to lead the operations easily.
  • For detailed information about our e-export service, you can visit our E-commerce and Marketplace Store Management page and contact us.
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