Guide to open a store on Zalando

Guide to open a store on Zalando

If you sell products in fashion category and want to grow your brand with e-export and increase your sales and income, Zalando can be one of the most suitable platform for you. In e-commerce, the correct marketplace means that it is the of reaching the genuine customer. You can find what you are wondering about Zalando on this page. 

Things you should know about Zalando  

Zalando which was established in 2008, in Berlin, draws attention as a leading online trade platform in Europe in terms of fashion and life style. This platform which has the feature of being an e-commerce website and marketplace brings brands and business partners together. 

The leading e-commerce platform in the field of fashion in Europe reaches customers in 25 different countries. Under the umbrella of Zalando in relation to fashion, there are more than 6.500 brands with a wide range of products.  

Zalando with numbers in the first gaze  

Do you want to get information about Zalando quickly? We recommend you take these numeric datas into consideration for you.  

2021 Total euro income 10,4 billion 
2021 Total order number  250 million+ 
Active user number 50 million+ 
Yearly website visit 7 billion+ 
The number of countries to be served  25  
Product number 1,8 million+ 
Brand number 6.500+ 
Employee number 17.000 

The countries where Zalando serves 

If you think about e-export with your fashion brand, Zalando marketplace where you will want to take place gives service to customers from 25 different countries. 

Germany Austria Belgium Czechia Denmark 
Estonia Finland France Crotia Netherlands 
England Ireland Spain Sweden Switzerland 
Italy Letonia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary 
Norway Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia 

The best seller products on Zalando 

Fashion draws attention as a field where the product range is extremely high. So, what are the best-selling products on Zalando? We recommend you check the most popular categories carefully that Zalando explained.  

Bomber Jacket Chelsea Boots  Christmas Sweater Christmas Party Dresses Wallets 
Child Shoes Child Textile Over knee boots Wedding Dresses Handbags 
Dresses Men Shoes Men Boots Men Chino Trousers  Men Textile 
Men Winter Coat  Tracksuits  Frak Shirts  Football Shoes Women Shoes 
Women Boots Women’s Textile Women’s Shirts Women’s Winter Coat Women’s Half Boots 
Winter Boots Cocktail Dreeses   Necklaces Jeans  Wellington Boots  
Game Dresses and Jumpsuits  Sequin Dresses Backpacks   

The biggest advantage of Zalando presents  

Zalando which is an online marketplace suitable for every like and budget, provides to visitors to buy the best products with the best price. The platform where is totally focused on fashion presents luxury products from popular designers, budget-friendly products from willing designers, and ready-to-wear textile products which are designed according to popular trends. By harmonizing Europe, fashion, and e-commerce terms, it succeeds a strong platform that comes to mind of customers at the first line.  

How does Zalando work with business partners? 

Brands can integrate into the Zalando platform in different ways. Zalando displays different offers like product purchasing, inventory and physical store integration, marketing and fulfillment.  

  1. By submitting a bulk purchasing offer to the stocks, Zalando sells the purchased products. 
  1. With Partner Program, brands and sellers’ warehouse inventory directly connects each other.  
  1. With Connected Retail system, physical stores connect to the platform.  
  1. Zalando offers marketing and fulfillment solutions for the brands that want. 

How to create a store in Zalando? 

If you wonder about what are the required conditions to create a store on Zalando, you have to carry about the criterias stated below.  

  1. Your products should be suitable for Zalando categories (fashion, shoes, sports fashion, accessorize, and cosmetics) 
  1. You should include EAN, ERP, and POS that provide an easy and fast integration system.  

The easiest way to sell on Zalando  

As fiCommerce which offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions, we can manage your Zalando operation from beginning to end. We realise all activities without any requirement that you contact Zalando. 

Our team who communicates with you in Turkish opens your store on Zalando, uploads your products to the platform, does the sales, and ships them. We can say that the only thing you need to do is ship your products to our warehouse in the category of fashion. 

In order to submit an offer and get the details you can contact us. Besides, we recommend you check our E-export and global e-commerce solutions page. If you are searching for a reliable e-commerce partner who has a logistic infrastructure both in Turkey and in Europe’s warehouses, you can contact us.  

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