Zalando Store Opening Guide

Zalando Store Opening Guide

If you want to sell fashion-related products, grow your brand with e-export, increase your sales and revenue, the Zalando store opening guide will interest you. Zalando may be one of the most suitable platforms for you globally for your e-commerce brand. Because the right marketplace in e-commerce is the key to reaching the right customer. In this content, you can get detailed information about Zalando.

What is Zalando?

Zalando, the largest online fashion platform in Europe, was founded in Berlin in 2008. Today, it attracts attention as the leading e-commerce infrastructure in Europe in terms of fashion and lifestyle. As an e-commerce website and marketplace, Zalando brings customers, brands and business partners together.

Zalando, Europe’s leading e-commerce platform in fashion, reaches consumers in 25 different countries. Zalando’s product range includes textile, footwear, sports, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and toys categories. Under the umbrella of Zalando, there is a wide range of products from more than 6,500 brands.

Countries where Zalando provides services

If you are considering e-export with your fashion brand, Zalando, the online marketplace that you would like to take part in, serves customers in 25 different countries.

GermanyAustria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Croatia Netherlands
England Ireland Spain Sweden Switzerland
ItalyLatvia LithuaniaLuxembourgHungary

Best-selling products on Zalando

Fashion attracts attention as an area where the product variety is extremely high. So which are the best seller products on Zalando?

 We recommend that you carefully review the most popular categories announced by Zalando.

Bomber Jackets Chelsea Boots Christmas Sweaters Christmas Party Dresses Wallets
Children’s ShoesChildren’s ClothingThigh High BootsWedding DressesHandbags
Dresses Men’s Shoes Men’s Boots Men’s Chino Pants Men’s Clothing
Men’s Coats Tracksuits Dress Shirts Football Shoes Women’s Shoes
Women’s Boots Women’s Clothing Women’s Shirts Women’s Coats Women’s Ankle Boots
Snow Boots Cocktail Dresses Necklaces Jeans Rubber Boots
Game Dresses and Jumpsuits Sequin Dresses Backpacks  

The advantages of opening a store on Zalando

An online marketplace for every taste and budget, Zalando allows visitors to buy the best products at the best price. It offers luxury products from designers, more affordable products from aspiring designers, and ready-to-wear products designed according to popular trends. By melting the concepts of Europe, fashion and e-commerce into the same pot, it manages to become a powerful platform that comes to the minds of consumers in the first place. Among the advantages of opening a store and making sales on Zalando, the following items stand out.

  • The advantage of reaching the German market.
  • The ability to include your business in many different categories and a wide range of products.
  • Direct access to more than 51 million active customers in 25 markets in Europe.
  • Ability to create customer loyalty through your brand-specific page.
  • Ability to determine your pricing policy.

How does Zalando work with its business partners?

Zalando brings retailers and customers together. Customers, brands, retailers, manufacturers, stylists and logistics companies are connecting with new technologies. Brands can integrate into the Zalando platform in different ways. Zalando offers different offers such as purchasing products, connecting inventories and physical stores, marketing and fulfillment. At the same time, it can sell the products it buys by giving wholesale offers to stocks. Physical stores are also connected to the platform with the Connected Retail system. Zalando is preparing photos and product descriptions for this process. All the partners have to do is provide the EAN codes and determine the product prices.

What are the requirements to open a store on Zalando? 

If you are wondering what are the necessary conditions for opening a store onZalando, you should definitely apply the following steps and take into account the specified criteria.

The first step to making a sale on Zalando is to be included in the Zalando Partner Program. Then, by logging in to the program, the Zalando vendor application form must be completed. The documents requested in this form are as follows;

  • Type of business
  • Company information
  • Contact information
  • Zalando’s survey

After the fully completed form, the process is followed by Zalando and getting back to you. The articles included among the conditions for opening a store onZalando are as follows;

  • You must have an e-commerce website and a registered business.
  • You must have products that match the Zalando categories (clothing, shoes, sportswear, accessories or cosmetics).
  • You should host EAN, EPR and POS systems that provide easy and fast integration.
  • You should offer free shipping and free return with a 100-day return policy.

You can become part of the basic Partner Program, where Zalando deals with payments and customer support. Or you can join the Zalando Fulfillment Service.

Products that can be sold on Zalando

If you have an e-commerce website, if you sell products online through your store and if you want to expand to the global market and increase your sales, it would be a good idea to open a store onZalando. If you are thinking about what products can be sold onZalando, we will have a few suggestions for you.

  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Sportswear
  • Accessories
  • Design products
  • Second-hand products
  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Children’s clothing

The easiest way to make sales on Zalando

As fiCommerce, offering fulfillment services, we manage the Zalando operation for you from start to finish and support you in increasing your sales by providing customer service support and marketplace integration services. If you want to open a store on Zalando and increase your sales, you can contact us.

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