How to E-Export to Germany?

How to E-Export to Germany?

E-export to Germany draws attention as an e-commerce agenda that is gaining popularity day by day. Many entrepreneurs who have an e-commerce website in Turkey and make sales in marketplaces include the German market in the target audience to earn foreign currency. 

We have brought together for you what you need to know to e-export to Germany.

E-commerce usage in Germany

If you’re thinking of selling online in Germany, it’s useful to know the habits of consumers there. The volume of e-commerce in Germany is increasing day by day.

  • The e-export categories that users buy the most are airline and hotel, electrical and electronics, health and beauty, toys and hobbies, household goods and furniture.
  • Consumers in Germany expect their online purchases to arrive quickly, with 10% of users preferring same-day delivery.
  • The rate of participation in live commerce in Germany is increasing day by day.

Which e-commerce marketplaces are the most popular in Germany?

Germany has a highly developed market in the field of internet shopping and therefore many different marketplaces are actively serving in the country. Although Amazon stands out as one of the most powerful platforms for e-export, there are also alternative options. Many brands that want to sell from Amazon in Germany also have stores in other marketplaces. If you want to e-export to Germany, you can exhibit your products in the most visited e-commerce marketplaces in Germany. According to Similarweb data, the top 5 of the most preferred e-commerce marketplaces in Germany between June 2023 and September 2023 are;


Products exported from Turkey to Germany

Trading Economics data shows that approximately $25.9 billion worth of exports were made to Germany from Turkey in 2022. If you want to examine it in detail and get information about other exported products, you can visit the Trading Economics page.

Plastics 906.92 million dollars
Rubbers 745.82 million dollars
Furniture, lighting signs, prefabricated structures 674.34 million dollars
Other textile products, suits, used garments 669.75 million dollars
Edible fruits, nuts, citrus peels, melons 651.06 million dollars
Vegetable, fruit and nut food preparations 592.30 million dollars
Iron and steel 378.37 million dollars
Optical, photographic, technical, medical apparatus 304.51 million dollars
Copper 267.01 million dollars
Ceramic products 265.08 million dollars
Aircraft, spacecraft 224.38 million dollars

E-export operations to Germany

E-commerce abroad has interesting advantages, but issues such as website management, logistics, inventory management, warehouse management, and customer support service for the target market must be carried out professionally. When starting e-export, agreeing with a professional company that offers end-to-end e-commerce services will significantly increase your chances of success.

There are 2 different methods you can follow to e-export. You can make sales by sending products from Turkey to Germany onglobal marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. On the other hand, strong marketplaces in the region such as Zalando and Otto want you to keep stock in Germany. You need to send your stocks from Turkey to warehouses in Germany and manage the operation through the local fulfilment infrastructure there. 

To gain the loyalty of your customers in Germany, you must reach them in the fastest way. You should certainly include the German language in your e-commerce site and open your store onmarketplaces in Germany. It’s also extremely important that you fulfil all orders from different channels in the fastest way.

Customer relationship management is another important issue. You should respond quickly to questions and comments from your customers in their language. You should offer solutions to all your customers that will make their work easier without getting stuck in the language barrier.

What are the advantages of e-exporting to Germany?

There are many advantages of e-exporting to Germany. Germany is an attractive target market for e-export as it’s a country with the largest economy in the European Union. Here are some advantages of e-exporting to Germany:

  1. Germany is one of the largest markets in the European Union with a population of over 80 million. This provides access to a large customer base.
  2. Germany has a consumer mass with a generally high-income level. This means you can sell your products at high prices.
  3. Germany is a country with high internet usage rates. Consumers frequently prefer online shopping.
  4. Germany has strong logistics and infrastructure systems. It is easier to deliver your products quickly and safely.
  5. Germany is located in the centre of the European Union, which provides easy access to other EU countries. You can enter the EU market by exporting to Germany.
  6. German consumers value quality and reliable brands. If you have a good brand image, you have a better chance of succeeding in Germany.
  7. There is a wide range of online platforms and payment methods for e-commerce in Germany. These make your e-export operations easier.

However, when e-exporting to Germany, it’s important that you comply with local regulations and tax policies. In addition, a good understanding of the local market and consumer behaviour is critical to your success.As fiCommerce, we offer you an effortless e-export experience with our end-to-end fulfillment services. Our professional team that brings your brand together with consumers in Germany communicates with you in Turkish. For your operations in Germany, we offer a very strong logistics infrastructure from warehouses in Europe and integrate your brand into many different online sales channels from a single platform. If you wish, we design and develop an e-commerce website suitable for your sales activities in Germany using Shopify and Magento infrastructure. Contact us so that we can support you for your e-export activities to Germany.

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