How can you export to Germany?

How can you export to Germany?

Exporting to Germany as an e-commerce topic attracts interest and gains popularity day by day. Many of entrepreneurs who have e-commerce website and sell on marketplaces in Turkey, aimed at German market in their target audience to earn foreign currency. We collected informations that you should know before the beginning e-export in Germany.

Utilization of e-commerce in Germany

It is beneficial to having knowledge about consumer habits, if you plan to sell on internet in Germany. What about to get a little information about German consumers according to the result of PPRO 2021 report?

  • E-commerce volume in Germany, 2021, was indicated that reached 123 billion USD.
  • E-export referred to 14% of e-commerce in Germany. E-export was experienced by 37% of users, attracted with its 16 billion market volume.
  • Between the e-export categories, users mostly shop: air travel and hotels, electronics, health and beauty, toys and hobbies, home appliances and furniture.
  • German consumers have expectation for fast delivery of their online shopping and 10% of them are preferring same day delivery option.
  • German consumers are interested in “buy now, pay later” option, as well. It is known that they are not concerned about product refund and resend back 32% of textile products they had bought.
  • Entrance rate of live commerce in Germany rises day by day. According to a survey applied in 2021, the rate German consumers who mentioned that can buy products in live commerce event were 51%, while average of Europe was 38%.

 Online-shopping websites in Germany

Germany has an extremely involved market in the field of internet shopping, therefor, a lot of marketplaces serve actively in the country. Although Amazon draws attention as one of the most powerful platform for e-export, there is alternatives too. Numerous of the brands that sell on Amazon, also take place in the other marketplaces with their stores. Among the most popular marketplaces Amazon, eBay, Otto, Lidl and Zalando are placed on the top. Zalando is pointed out as the most outstanding marketplace for ready to wear and fashion.

 The exported-products from Turkey to Germany

Datas of Trade Economics, in 2021, indicated that approximately 22 billion dollars value were exported from Turkey to Germany. So, what were the mostly exported products among the top of five?

1.Machine, nuclear reactor, boiler

2. Vehicles except for railway, tramway

3. Handmade textile products

4. Ready-to-wear textile products

5. Electric, electronic equipments

You can check the whole list form here

Operations of e-export in Germany

Global e-commerce consists of interesting advantages, however the issues like website management, logistics, stock management, warehouse management, customer support services for targeted-market must be operated professionally. While you are starting to e-export, making an agreement with an end-to-end solution provider company will significantly increase your chances of success.

There is 2 different ways for e-export. The first one is selling on global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and ship products from Turkey to Germany. On the other hand, strong marketplaces of the region like Zalando, Otto bargain to keep stock in Germany. You need to ship your products to German warehouses and manage the operation with local fulfillment basis.

You should connect with your German consumers in the quickest way for gain their loyalty. Besides, you need to have German language option in your website and open your store on German marketplaces. Welcoming the all of your orders from various channels is highly important.

We can assume that customer services is another highly important topic. You should answer customers’ questions and comments with their native language as quickly as possible. You should provide solutions for ease your customers’ experiences without handicapped by language. 

As fiCommerce, we provide e-export solutions for your business. Our customer support team contact with you in Turkish while they are introducing your brand to shoppers in Germany. We offer a very strong logistic platform from European warehouses for your Germany-based operations and integrate your brand from one platform to many online sales channels. As you demand, we design and develop an e-commerce site suitable for your sales operations in Germany using Shopify and Magento infrastructure.

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