​​What is the Buy Box? How to win the Buy Box?

​​What is the Buy Box? How to win the Buy Box?

You can notice that the same products are being sold by more than one store in marketplaces such as Amazon, Trendyol and Hepsiburada. Which one of these sellers that you encounter first? This situation is determined by a system known as Buy Box.

What is the Buy Box?

If the same product is offered by many sellers, the seller who provides the most benefits to the consumers is chosen by an algorithm, and the product from this store is placed at the top. The store that wins the Buy Box is ranked first, and the remaining stores are ranked based on their Buy Box score.

83% of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box (RepricerExpress) in 2020. In Turkey, Trendyol states that 85% of all purchases consist of sellers that have won Buy Box. These Buy Box winner sellers are also highlighted on marketplace listing pages, product suggestions, and digital advertising sections.

We have got some tips to help you improve your store’s Buy Box score. We suggest that you thoroughly review these points and put them into practice as much as possible.

1. Make the product price affordable

The most significant standard in winning a Buy Box is the product’s sale price. Just adjust the price of your items adequately, which are also available in other stores, to get a competitive advantage. You should follow a reasonable pricing strategy, especially for the most popular and often purchased items. Popular items may be thought of as the key to popularizing your store.

2. Maintain a high store rating

Another significant factor in the Buy Box method is having a high seller score. Customer satisfaction must be high in order for your store’s score to remain high. Your customers rate based on a variety of factors: product quality, delivery speed, and return policy. Customer relations management must be carefully carried out to maintain optimal customer satisfaction.

3. Provide free shipping

Free delivery in online marketplaces has become a determiner element in making purchasing decisions. Offering free delivery not only helps you increase of your sales also offers higher positions at the Buy Box. Cooperating with courier companies or third-party logistics firms can help you reduce the shipment price. You may provide free shipment to your customers because of the low shipping cost.

4. Offer fast delivery option

The fast delivery option is one of the factors that influence the Buy Box score. If you were a customer and two stores were offering the same product at the same price, wouldn’t you prefer the store with the fastest delivery? If it is not possible to offer a fast delivery option under the current circumstances, you can consider outsourcing logistics management to a professional company.

5. Create appealing campaigns

The Buy Box ranking is affected by a store’s marketplace campaign. The more discount rate,  more influence on the Buy Box. You can try to win at Buy Box by participating in one of the markets’ campaigns or by creating your own.

6. Let professionals run your e-shop

Even though there are numerous aspects that go into winning in the Buy Box, it is based on two things: perfect store and customer experience management. Cooperating with a company that specializes in this field ensures that you will win in the Buy Box.

We provide end-to-end ecommerce solutions at fiCommerce, and our expert team manages all of your ecommerce activities. We manage your ecommerce and marketplace stores for you. Your products are stored in our warehouses, packed, and sent to your consumers. We perform customer relations in the best possible way before, during, and after-sales with our customer experience service. All essential actions to win a Buy Box are given top priority. As a result, your store’s visibility in marketplaces improves and your sales grow. You can get offers from us to easily manage your ecommerce activities with fiCommerce.

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