Buybox Guide: What is Buybox? How to Gain Buybox?

Buybox Guide: What is Buybox? How to Gain Buybox?

Buybox in Turkey and the system known as Buy Box in the world is a subject that almost everyone interested in e-commerce business is curious about. Buybox is a term used by marketplaces.  In Turkey, the buybox system is also used by marketplaces such as Amazon, Trendyol, Hepsiburada. Many of us have noticed that the same product is sold by more than one seller in these marketplaces. So which one of these sellers selling the same product is the first one you encounter? Let’s explain exactly what the concept of buybox and this system means and how it works.

What is Buybox?

For a product sold on online shopping platforms or marketplaces, there is a “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button and an area with this button. The seller allows the buyer to make the purchase directly and easily through this box. Buybox therefore represents an important system that will increase sales. Because this box, which corresponds to the purchase for buyers, simplifies and accelerates the purchasing process. In this case, if the same product is sold by more than one store, selecting the seller that will provide the most benefit to customers with the algorithm and moving the product of this store to the top brings the buybox system to a valuable position in e-commerce. The store that gains the buybox is ranked at the top and other stores are ranked according to the buybox score.

According to the report of RepricerExpress, 83% of Amazon’s sales in 2020 were made through buybox. Trendyol, on the other hand, states that approximately 85% of sales were from sellers who won buybox. In addition, sellers who gain buybox are highlighted on listing pages in marketplaces, product recommendation and digital advertising areas. In the e-commerce area where the buybox system is gaining more and more value, we will offer you some tips on this system. We recommend that you carefully review these points and apply them as much as possible.

Why is it important to gain Buybox?

Although Buybox was generally born as a system belonging to Amazon, marketplaces today continue under the evaluation of this system. The buybox system developed by Amazon for customer satisfaction aims to provide shoppers with a better user experience, a smoother presentation, faster delivery and more advantageous prices for the product they are looking for and want to buy. A buyer who is satisfied with the shopping experience gains trust in the seller if they have a good experience and supports reaching potential customers by sharing this experience with others. Therefore, sellers develop formulas to increase this valuable customer satisfaction.

Ways to gain Buybox

You may be wondering how to gain buybox, especially on shopping websites where multiple sellers sell the same product. Of course, there is no magic formula for this, but there are many methods to increase customer satisfaction. Pricing, customer service, product status and shipping options are important factors in gaining buybox. Let’s also underline that this system is a performance system. In summary, a good seller increases the buybox and the seller is rewarded. To summarise mathematically, we can say Buybox = Successful Seller.

1. Product price should be affordable

We can say that the appropriate product sales price is the most important factor to gain buybox. We recommend that you set the price of your products, which are also offered for sale in other stores, in a way that will give you a competitive advantage. You should follow an affordable price policy, especially for the best-selling and frequently favorited products. You can think of popular products as the key to popularising your store.

2. Keep the store score high

A high seller score is another important criterion in the buybox system. To keep your store’s score high, you also need to keep customer satisfaction high. Marketplace users who buy your products rate your store according to various factors such as the quality of your products, delivery time and return policy. To keep customer satisfaction at an ideal level, it is necessary to carry out customer relationship management meticulously.

3. Create a free shipping opportunity

Free shipping in marketplaces has become an indispensable criterion that determines the purchasing decision. Offering a free shipping option both facilitates your product sales and takes you to the top of the buybox. You can reduce the shipping price by cooperating with cargo companies or 3rd party logistics companies. Thanks to the low shipping price, you can offer your customers free shipping options.

4. Offer a fast delivery option

One of the factors that determine the Buybox score is the fast delivery option. If you are the customer and two stores sell the same product at the same price, wouldn’t you choose the fast delivery option? If it is not possible to offer a fast delivery option in the current conditions, you can consider delegating logistics management to a professional company.

5. Make interesting campaigns 

The campaign of a store in the marketplace also affects the buybox queue. The higher the discount rate in the campaign, the higher the effect on the buybox. You can try to gain buybox by participating in campaigns offered by marketplaces or by running your own campaign.

6. Analyse the user’s intentions

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another important point for buybox. We recommend you to focus on SEO and content in order to provide organic traffic in online sales channels and increase the number of visitors and visibility. Optimised content for many pages such as product titles, descriptions and detailed information, blog posts and landing pages has a  great importance. 

7. Let professionals manage your e-store 

Although winning at buybox depends on many different variables, it is actually based on a single formula: perfect store and customer experience management. Collaborating with a company specialised in this field means winning at buybox.

Gaining buybox on Trendyol

When a product sold on Trendyol is clicked by a customer, the product of the buybox winning seller is opened first. Other sellers selling the same product are listed according to their buybox score and displayed in the “Other Sellers of the Product” section at the bottom of the product page. Trendyol buybox system is shaped within the framework of certain procedures. These procedures are to ensure the brand by the owner or authorised seller and to list the product in accordance with the brand to which it belongs. The essential steps to gain a buybox in Trendyol are as follows;

  • Cheaper pricing on the product
  • High seller score
  • Free shipping
  • Campaign and gift sending
  • Fast and error-free delivery

To gain buybox from your sales, you can go to the “Automatic Pricing” section in the seller panel and make a suitable adjustment for you. You can determine how long you will stay in the ranking according to your stock status.

Gaining buybox on Amazon

On Amazon, the same product can be sold by multiple sellers and listed on the same detail page with different seller offers. There, the best-performing sellers compete to be the Featured Offer. A good seller is among the first choices of customers and these sellers sell much more than other sellers. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues for Amazon, which carefully analyses the sellers bidding on the product. And it distributes buybox to its sellers as a result of this analysis. The seller who can get the Featured Offer button has a great advantage. Most of the sales volume on Amazon is generated by Featured Offer sellers. To have a Featured Offer on Amazon;

Advantageous pricing on the product

Carrying out logistics correctly

No stock error or missing product

Fast shipping and delivery process

Items such as understanding customers and meeting demands will help you on the way to buybox gaining.

Gaining buybox in Hepsiburada

Shipping and delivery time, product price, store score, cancellation and return, and the number of sales are among the important criteria of Hepsiburada’s buybox gain. Customers’ evaluations also affect the seller score. A seller score is calculated based on these criteria. While calculating the seller score, 4 main criteria are taken into account. 

Seller evaluation survey conducted by customers.

Percentage of orders cancelled by the seller.

The rate of “defective or damaged product, missing product, wrong product” labels on orders.

Late shipping rate caused by the seller.

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