The importance of a Good Web site to Reduce Operation Costs

The importance of a Good Web site to Reduce Operation Costs

It is possible that you can reduce your operational costs by selling on your own ecommerce website and boost your sales. What are the advantages to establish an online shopping site? Let’s check together.

You will not pay expenses like rent, dues.

If you have a brick-and-mortar, there will be probably many expenditures like rent, dues. When you sell through your e-commerce website, you are going to start selling with quite affordable prices and economize costs. Therefore, you can increase your sales with more discounts and campaigns.

You will offer your customers personalized opportunities and solutions.

One advantage of having an e-commerce platform is you can directly contact users. Thus you will serve much better customer services with chatbot, call center, and live chat channels. Also you can work on specific marketing topics for your customers, with doing A/B tests you can display different content and design and improve your website.

Some marketing studies that you may apply on your website to increase your sales:

  • Ease the way about buying desicion with discount coupons to your new customers.
  • Give information to your current customers about the new products or services with mailing.
  • Give special gifts and discount opportunities to your customers on their birthday.

Increase your sales with cross-selling techniques.

You have the chance to increase your sales on your website by suggesting your customers who are interested in any product or bought one. For instance when you suggest cake and cookie molds to a customer who bought a mixer, the probability of buying both can be high. Similarly, offering jewelry and shoes that match the style of the dress to your customer who buys a dress will provide a better shopping experience and increase your sales.

Advantages of cross-selling method:

  • More economic than reaching new customers and requires less effort.
  • Due to knowing your customers’ usage habits, conversion rate is higher.
  • It makes it easier for your customers to discover your products.
  • Increase customer loyalty. 

To get detailed information about cross selling techniques you can read our “Increase sales with cross selling on e-commerce” content.

You will reach more customers with SEO exercises.

You can introduce your brand and products however you want on your own platform. You can enrich your website with beneficial blog contents and product guides for your customers. Your SEO studies increase your organic traffic, allows you to top ranks in search engines and reach a wider audience. If you aim at reaching closer customers to your business “Local SEO” exercises will be helpful.

What can you do to reduce costs in your e-commerce platform?

Although it is quite advantageous to sell through an e-commerce site, you can further reduce your costs by be careful to a few points. The things you can do in order to reduce costs:

Review your budget items.

When you decide to set up an e-commerce website, there will be four main spending items. Review your budget and do not forget to focus on the maximum benefit for the fee you pay.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting provider
  • Website developer and software agency
  • Themes and addings

Take action to reduce the returns.

Product returns are a must of e-commerce. But the more you reduce refunds, the more you can save. Here’s what you can do to reduce product returns in e-commerce:

  • Using product images from different sides and high resolution.
  • Write detailed product descriptions.
  • Check the quality process fastidiously.
  • Be sure to pack the product securely. 
  • Offer an after sale support service.
  • Analyze the reasons of returns from customers.

Convert abandoned shopping carts to sales

According to research from Baymard Institute, 69,82% of shopping carts are abandoned without completing the order. Good news : there are some easy ways to convert abandoned carts into sales.For some customers, it is enough to remind them with several channels like push notifications, sending SMS and mailing. For some customers, you need to offer some incentives like offering discount, free shipping. You are going to see that these small promotions impact on increasing sales highly and provide cost advantage for a long term.

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