How Do The Product Photograph Shoot Increase Sales?

How Do The Product Photograph Shoot Increase Sales?

Nowadays, the number of online sellers are increasing, and it is possible to see this as a result of every research.  You may also do an e-commerce business and trust your product quality, however until your customers reach the product the only guarantee is the photographs on your website.

For this reason, on the best e-commerce websites, not only beautiful products but also beautiful photographs of the products take place. These photographs display the quality of the product and its value and provide transparency to your customers. Professional product photographers tell the story of your brand attractively in the form of imagery.  In fact, you can regard one product photo as your company’s ambassador.

How to shoot a product, what is needed to take a product photo, which camera is used for product photography, how to shoot a product with the right light and professional camera questions are in this article.

Why Product Photography Is Important for E-commerce Websites?

Product photos continue to be important in converting website traffic into sales. Site content and product descriptions are essential for SEO.

Online shopping consumers need good photographs due to that they cannot see and touch the products individually. As the quality of the photograph is high, so customers feel sure about buying. By exercising product photograph shoots, you can provide your target audience to get information and get motivated them to purchase. In this blog article, you can find real tips for creating qualified product images and taking one step forward from your competitors.

Choosing the Right Equipment

One of the most important factors about while you are shooting your products is to choose the right equipment for the shoot. Today many of us can shoot excellent product photographs directly from the mobile phones. Nearly it has no cost, however, its profit is bigger, with more sales. The developing technology, even the development of smart mobile phones’ cameras allow to record a cinema movie, and the free photo editing tools on the internet make your job easier but there are many points to be learned.

Essential equipments:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lens


For good photos, it is the first requirement to have a good camera. . iPhones and Androids let you to take the shot beautifully and clearly even in cases when the camera vibrates or the light is darker.

Of course, it does that mean that digital cameras go out of our lives. Digital cameras which have more features than a smartphone, provide you to have more control over your product shoots. However, as long as you don’t learn tips, you cannot utilize from these cameras enough.

If you want to go beyond a telephone camera quality, the next step is the digital cameras which are known as DSLR.


Tripods are the helpful and all-purpose equipments that every photographer needs. Many photographers, no matter in which field they took their photos absolutely use a tripod. By providing balance, tripods prevent the photo to vibrate and help you to catch the perfect snapshot.

In addition to stabilizing the camera, they provide the benefit your products handling more detailed way for the various techniques like long posing and photography low light. Using a tripod will provide you to shoot better product photos and help you to create a well-thought composition.


One of the most important step of product photography shoot is to choose the correct lens and go on with the proper to your requirements. Knowing when to use the correct lens and how it is used is one of the step in the way of to be a better photographer. Even the lenses vary quite related to different types of cameras, some of the essential information can be helpful for the first steps.

There are two essential camera lens categories:

1. Prime lenses: Prime ones have a stable lens focus length, this makes them faster and sharper. Prime lenses due to their stable focus length, together with being less flexible, they are faster and lighter, and this makes it easier to travel with lenses.

2. Zoom lenses: Zooms, allow different focus lengths from one lens a range of lenses is used, however the only problem here is, they are not as fast as like that. Besides, They tend to be bigger and heavier than prime lenses.

Inside each two lenses type consists of various lenses that have different focus lengths. However prime lens types are preferred especially for the product photo shoot. Of course, there are determining points stated like the dimension of the product that you shoot, how you want to create snapshots, and the environment.

Shoot Photo On The True Light

The visual quality of a photo highly comes from how much the light was good. To be sure about the match between the light and the type of photo you want to take, by taking some easy steps, you can really make the photographs better that you want to shoot. Here is some tips to catch the true light for you!

Utilize From Day Light!

When taking pictures outside, you can take advantage of the sun, which is one of the best light sources. Sunlight tends to be rich and warm, which makes everyone look good. However, avoid shooting on bright, cloudless, sunny days. Too much sunlight can overshadow your products.

Cloudy days, in fact, are ideal to take photos. Clouds decrease the light, soften but still display wealthy colors. Besides, it makes less shadows.

Use Reflector!

Clouds and trees are natural lights spreaders, however spreading the light or for reflecting it to the required place, you should find your own ways. Forming a reflector is quite easy in fact. If you are on indoors and you have one light source like a lamp, putting a piece of white paper on it, is enough. If you are on outdoor, a light colored umbrella which you can place between the sun and the material, will help you to spread light.

Making A Choose For The Background Of The Photo Shoot

One of the most important detail about a product photo shoot is true selection of fon. Choosing the background which reveals the features of the products, their color, their dimension, and their fabric in the best way, provide you to get fertile results from the photo shoot.

To shine out product details and show them more attractive, you have to take the correct decision while doing fon choice. Well, for the photo shoots how can we do true fon selection?

While the customers are choosing any of one product, they don’t prefer to see a shiny and colorful background which can distract their senses. In any image, product should be the focus point. For this reason, if you are doing a photo shoot focused on sales, white background will be the best choice.  If you are choosing to take photos on a colorful background, the thing that you should take into consideration is to continue with a color that does not shade the product.

The background that you choose for a photoshoot, determining it from colorful papers is a way that both reduces costs and is the most practical one.

Editing Professional Product Photographs

Even the simple and small edits in your product photographs, get your visual world better and upgrade it. The small touches that you can do will provide coherence between your images and it will make surfing on your website easier.

Even if you use a solid color background in product photos, doing some color correction will still make the photo look more vibrant. These edits save photos from uniformity and help bring out the right colors.

We recommend you to search the easiest and practical photograph editing programs and compare them. The more you learn and explore, the more you get better to reveal the best product photographs on your website!

360-Degree Product Photo Shoot

One of the widest usage of images in e-commerce is 360-degree photos. These photographs, which are especially preferred for product images, allow people to rotate the products 360 degrees and see them from different angles. The 360-degree photo shoot provides you with one step forward against standard product photography, helps you to put an emphasis on your products’ functionality, and increases interaction. We should share that without the necessity of new technologies,  even with downloading an application to your smart mobile phone, you can make a photo shoot.

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