Guide to Open Hepsiburada Store

Guide to Open Hepsiburada Store

If you want to increase your sales with e-commerce and grow your brand, you should take your place on some marketplaces. We collected what you should know about Hepsiburada which is one of the best marketplaces on Turkey. We want to help you open a store on Hepsiburada, we recommend you to review the tips.

The things that you should know about Hepsiburada

Operating since 1998, draws attention as an online shopping portal affiliated with Doğan Holding. One of the most visited marketplaces in Turkey, Hepsiburada hosts over 15 million unique visitors monthly according to SimilarWeb data.

Hepsiburada with numbers

What about to check data that Hepsiburada explained related to 2021 yılına?

  • Annual growth rate: 54%
  • Total sales volume: 26,2 billion TL

In proportion to the previous year;

  • Increase in total order number: 53%
  • Increase in total seller number: 68%
  • Increase in total product number: 103%

How to open a Hepsiburada store?

We can say that the first thing to do to open a store in Hepsiburada is to apply for my Hepsiburada Business Partner.

  • For the application, visit Hepsiburada İş Ortağım page.
  • Fill the form from New Appliance tab.
  • Choose the seller type. In Hepsiburada, there are 3 types of different seller profiles:
    • Standard (all companies who want to do e-commerce)
    • Women entrepreneur (companies with 51% and above shareholder is women)
    • HepsiTürkiye’den (Producers who produce locally)
  • Type the store name. Do not forget that your store name will appear as you type here in Hepsiburada.
  • By entering E-mail address and password, you can move on with “Devam Et“(Continue) button.

After the filling form, you will be led to the seller panel.

  • Enter the authorizated information requested from you on Hepsiburada seller panel. Fill the fields like name and surname, telephone, e-mail address, district, city, and country.
  • Enter company information into the seller panel. In this section, it is expected from you to enter the informations like the category that you sell, business type, trade registry number, and tax office.
  • With Başvur (Apply) button, you can complete your application. Afterward you will wait for Hepsiburada approval. .

What is Hepsiburada İş Ortağım (Hepsiburada Business Partner)?

For Hepsiburada İş Ortağım(Hepsiburada Business Partner) platform, we can say Hepsiburada  seller portal. You can use this platform to create a store on Hepsiburada and make sales.

What Hepsiburada İş Ortağım (Hepsiburada Business Partner) platform offers?

  • It provides you to create your Hepsiburada store for free.
  • With various advertisement tools, it helps you to increase your stores’ visibility and sales..
  • It offers advantageous price options with agreed cargo companies for delivery.
  • Through agreed banks, it offers installment and shopping options with credit payments.
  • It gives the opportunity to enter Hepsiakademi portal where you can receive e-commerce education.

Hepsiburada Commission Rates 2022

Online marketplaces gain income by taking commissions from sellers. According to the product category that you sell, the commission rates are changing.

CategoryCommission Rates
Accessory, shoes, fashion18%
Mother and baby products12,50%
Garden products9 %– 20%
White home appliances8,5 %– 10%
Computer and its products6%– 15%
Mobile phone3%
Mobile phone accessories12,5% – 23%
Home appliances11% – 13%
Home maintenance products10%
Home textile14% – 18%
Pet products15%
Movie, book, music, stationery6% – 15%
Photography and camera5% – 15%
Furniture18% – 22%
Auto accessories9% – 18%
Outdoor products14%
Game console5%  – 16%
Health and care products15%
Sport and Outdoor10%  – 13%
Construction12% – 17%

There can be differences in commission fees, you can check the updated rates from Hepsiburada Komisyonları page.

fiCommerce Hepsiburada Integration will ease your business

Do you know that by including Hepsiburada in all marketplaces, you can manage your store from one point with fiCommerce easily?

With the solutions like product listing in local marketplaces, campaign management, marketplace communication, content and catalog management, order management, order tracking and answering customer questions fiCommerce disburdens you from e-commerce.

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