E-Commerce to Germany: Guide to creating a store on OTTO

E-Commerce to Germany: Guide to creating a store on OTTO

Do you know that Germany is the highest volume in terms of export from Turkey? According to Trading Economics 2021, the completed export from Turkey to Germany was in value at 22 billion. If you want to take your place in this big market and sell your products to European countries, particularly to Germany, you should consider creating a store on OTTO. We sum up the all details that you may need to create a store on OTTO.

The history of OTTO: How was it established?

In 1949, OTTO which was established by Werner Otto with one catalog and a pair of shoes witnessed an inspiring improvement in the following terms. The company, which expanded its product range and business volume in the 1950s, began to take phone orders in 1963. In 1955, it succeeded as one of the leaders that entered the digital world by beginning a shopping website for online shopping.

Why should you sell on OTTO?

If you think to grow your brand with e-export and do e-commerce to Germany, you ought to evaluate the advantages of selling on OTTO absolutely.

  • OTTO which takes an order every 10 seconds has access to a huge mass. The number of daily visitors is 2.9 million and the number of active users is 11.5 million.
  • It operates in more than 30 countries around the world.
  • Germany’s second biggest marketplace OTTO is a true platform for e-commerce in Germany.
  • To be a seller on OTTO is harder than a lot of marketplaces, so when you begin to sell you take a competitive advantage.

What are the conditions to open a store on OTTO?

  • You must have a business that has a German tax identification number.
  • You must offer German-speaking customer service.
  • You must ship your products from a warehouse in Germany.
  • You must sell your products with 19% VAT.
  • You must sell to the end customer.

Step by step how to create a store on OTTO?

  1. Enter https://www.otto.market/en/registration.html and fill out the application form. In the application form, it is expected to answer the questions about fundamental conditions to open a store on OTTO.
  2. If you meet the fundamental requirements, you will receive an e-mail to log in OTTO Partner Connect.
  3. After you log in, the process of application will continue. Firstly, you should enter your business informations.
  4. Thereafter you should approve contracts on digital platform.
  5. Afterward the approval of contract, it is expected to complete the informations below:

Information about shipping and return

Payment information

Seller information

Tax identification number verification

  1. You should complete the verification step by Solarisbank AG.
  2. You should approve payment methods contract and you ready to sell on OTTO!

How to establish a company in Germany?

We mentioned that you need to establish a company in Germany to sell on OTTO. Well, how can you establish a company in Germany? Let’s summarize the process briefly:

  • Communicating with authorized persons and institutions that provide services such as financial advisory, consultancy, advocacy
  • Apply for the company name’s confirmation or the Chamber of Industry and Trade
  • Notary transactions
  • Open a bank account belongs to the company and fund the foreseen capital to the bank account
  • Register to trade register
  • Apply to Local Business Registers Agency
  • Register to Municipality Trade Tax Office and Local Tax Office
  • Register to the Chamber of Commerce where headquarter of the company locates

Fee of creating a store on OTTO

To open a store on OTTO you need to pay 39.90 € monthly. Besides, you need to pay with changing rate commission related to the product category you sell.

OTTO commission rates 2022

Let’s gaze at OTTO commission fees according to categories:

Electronic & Media 
Office Materials and Stationary%10
Home Appliances%8
Technic Accessories%12
Furniture & Living 
Kitchen & Houseware%14
Home Decor%14
Luggage and Bags%15
Sport and Entertainment 
Music Instruments%10
Sport Equipments%15
Handmade Materials%10
Do it yourself%12
Pet Materials%15
Baby Accessories%15

Which are the best-seller products on OTTO?

To speed up your sales on OTTO, you can think to prioritize the best-seller categories. Due to high competition, you have to prepare your product descriptions and product images carefully.

Popular categories on OTTO:

  • Ready-to-wear textile
  • Home, home textile and home decor
  • Small Home Appliances and Kitchenware
  • Technology goods

Manage your store with fiCommerce OTTO integration is so easy!

As an end-to-end solution provider fiCommerce, we are on your side with our e-export solutions. In the process of e-commerce to Germany, our Turkish speaker professional team contacts you, and meet the request of your customers with German speaker customer services. Your products will deliver to your customers from our warehouses in Germany in a short time.

With fiCommerce, in addition to OTTO, you can manage easily all of your stores on marketplaces from one platform. In marketplace management package product listing, campaign management, order tracking and answering customer questions in local marketplaces services take place. To submit an offer, fill the contact form and contact us.

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