2021 ecommerce report: Data, statistics, and changing trends 

2021 ecommerce report: Data, statistics, and changing trends 

If you’re looking for some fresh and interesting ecommerce statistics, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the 2021 ecommerce trends, the world’s and Turkey’s most visited marketplaces, factors impacting the sales numbers, the everchanging trends, and more. Let’s get to it. 

Rising stars of the ecommerce space!

According to the results BuiltWith came up with by analyzing the best 1 million websites, WordPress’s ecommerce extension WooCommerce has been gaining attention as this year’s most preferred ecommerce infrastructure. Magento comes third place right after Shopify.

Amazon with its monthly visitors nearing 3 billion and Trendyol, known as a “decacorn” in Turkey, are the most popular shopping websites of 2021. 

World’s most visited marketplaces according to Similarweb’s data:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Rakuten 
  4. Aliexpress
  5. Walmart

Turkey’s most popular marketplaces with monthly visitors nearing 100 million:

  1. Trendyol 
  2. Sahibinden
  3. Hepsiburada
  4. N11
  5. GittiGidiyor  

The gigantic stores in our tiny pockets

3 users out of 4 shop on their mobile devices because it saves time. (Oberlo) This makes it extremely critical to provide a smooth-running mobile shopping experience. Moreover, 90% of users think their experiences with mobile shopping could be overall better. 

However, two obstacles show themselves often when it comes to mobile shopping: Security issues and the links or pages that are too small to click on. 

The magic touch of social media and how it impacts sales numbers

We often think of social media as the place where we pass the time, have fun, and share memories of a joyous holiday or a weekend trip. However, social media has also become the first place we turn to when we want to buy a product. 

Let’s take a look at the current and interesting data that shows the impact of social media on ecommerce:

  • 70% of consumers do some searching on Instagram and Facebook before buying a product (Savemycat)
  • 49% of online shoppers contact brands via social media before making a purchase. (Facebook)
  • Brands that are active on social media get 32% more sales. (Appinventiv)
  • When it comes to sales on social media, the most selling product categories are respectively: Fashion, electronics, and decoration. (Insider Intelligence)

Digital and realistic: Augmented reality and 3D product images

Although today’s users order couches, cars, and even wedding rings online, they still don’t want to give up the shopping experience they have in real-life stores. According to the data shared by Twentify, in 2021 in Turkey, 1 user out of 2 researched the store before making an online purchase. Making a few innovative improvements on your ecommerce website to provide your customers with more satisfactory experiences and easier purchase processes is in your hands. 

  • According to the Shopify data, 3D or 360° product photos increased the purchase rate by 250%.
  • Threekit claims that the average purchase value of customers increases by 30% when AR (augmented reality) is used.

Problem-solving skills with the UX and UI design

Reasons to abandon the shopping cart 

  • Additional charges such as shipping and taxes are too costly.
  • Membership is required.
  • The shipping duration is too long.
  • The payment process is lengthy and complicated.
  • It isn’t safe to share credit card information.
  • The total price to be paid is unknown.
  • Encountered an error message.
  • The return policy is not satisfactory.
  • There are not enough payment methods.
  • Payment has been rejected.

Baymand’s 2021 research reveals the reasons why people abandon the shopping cart. It may be a bit hard to lower the costs, but we have good news: Little improvements made in the UX and UI designs can solve most of the problems! 

  • People visiting your online store for the first time just want to do their shopping quickly. To make sure the customers won’t leave upon being greeted by the registration screen, they should be offered the practical solution of continuing without registration.  
  • If your payment process is lengthy and complicated, you might want to consider offering your customers the opportunity to buy with one touch. Research shows that you can get 35% more sales just by bettering your payment process. 
  • The price of a product plays an important role in establishing whether it’s worthy of buying or not. Therefore, the users sadly abandon their shopping carts when they can’t see the price clearly. Especially if you’re doing overseas sales, it’s wise to make sure things such as the carriage and the import tax prices are displayed clearly and that the currency exchange process runs smoothly. 
  • Making security a top priority is an absolute must for your customers to share their credit card information and shop comfortably. It’s also obligatory for you to acquire an SSL certificate. You might also consider displaying the customer comments and the warranty conditions visibly and clearly. 
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