What are the effective logistics strategies in ecommerce

What are the effective logistics strategies in ecommerce

Raise your hand if you’re looking to offer the perfect online shopping experience to your consumers? Well, in that case, one of the crucial things to focus on would be none other than the logistics operations. 

  • 45% of customers give up on online shopping because of insufficient delivery options.
  • 60% of consumers prefer the competition with more convenient delivery options.
  • 74% of online shoppers consider free shipping to be an important factor that influences their purchase decisions. 

How to establish an extensive logistics basis in ecommerce

When it comes to establishing professional logistics management in ecommerce, a strong and proper base is the key. Here are three factors that should be considered while establishing a logistics basis:

  • The cost
  • Consumer behaviors
  • Immaculate operational processes

You can easily cooperate with ecommerce solution companies that will help you create a basis for your ecommerce website that involves different phases of the logistics process such as storage, stock control, or delivery. This cooperation will not only optimize the management of the logistics process but will also enhance customer satisfaction by helping you understand what your customers truly need. 

 7 things to watch out for during ecommerce logistics processes

 So, you’ve established the basis of the logistics. What’s next? It’s important to keep up with innovations and solutions to offer the best service to your customers.

Explore e-logistics activities

Perhaps the most important phase in a logistics process is to make sure the right product is delivered to the customer in the safest way within the time frame stated by the company. E-logistics ensure the perfect process by digitally planning the transfer and the delivery procedures. Benefitting from new technologies, instead of sticking to the traditional ways, creates a much more efficient logistics management with the help of activities such as demand forecasting and keeping the product stocks at the appropriate levels.  

Organize storage and stock control processes

Well-planned storage management is the key to fast product packaging and shipping. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that one should establish an efficient storage order and keep the product stocks up to date with the purchase orders. 

To manage all these processes, you can look into the world’s best storage management programs, and research world-renowned stock management programs that offer automation technologies such as Fishbowl Inventory, Oracle Warehouse Management, and SAP Warehouse Management. 

Packaging matters and must be done perfectly

If there’s one thing that will definitely increase customers’ satisfaction, it is to make sure the products get to them in their absolute best shape. Here are the types of packaging you can use according to the qualities of the product that will be shipped:

  • Bubble wrap for sharp or fragile products
  • Leakproof plastic bags for liquid or granulated products
  • Double-wall cardboard boxes for products that are too heavy or will travel great distances. This type of packaging is more durable because it’s double-walled. 

Along with all these, it’s also important to consider the modern expectations of customers by offering sustainable packaging options. 

 Go the extra mile for your customers with additional services

 We all know how competitive the ecommerce industry is. Therefore, in such an environment, it is important to offer customers convenient additional services regarding delivery and product returns. For instance, you can offer customers the alternative to designate different delivery points along with home delivery. Same-day delivery and delivery appointments are always appreciated as well. 

 Pick the courier company with the best services

 There’s a lot to look into when deciding on which courier company to work with. Is it budget-friendly? Does it have a wide delivery network? What about customer satisfaction? You can pick the right distributor by researching the best courier companies in Turkey and exploring the services they offer in detail. 

 Keep up with innovative logistics services

 In today’s conditions, a lot of business processes change in the blink of an eye in relation with products and technology. You can make use of the innovative logistics services according to your needs. For example, working with a storage with auto-load and auto-discharge systems can help minimize the error risk. Robotic systems not only minimize the error risk but also quicken the delivery process by shortening the loading and discharging durations. If you have a textile business, you may also consider transporting textiles on hangers and storage services. 

Leave your logistics processes to a company with a strong basis

You don’t have to juggle all the extensive activities of ecommerce logistics on your own. You can always work with a qualified company that will gladly manage your processes for you. fiCommerce fits the description and manages your ecommerce logistics processes for you. With our extensive logistics solutions, we meticulously carry out multiple processes such as purchase order management, storage and stock control, packaging, and shipping. We make sure your products arrive safely to your customers and carry customer satisfaction to another level with our flexible delivery options. If you’re interested in the logistics solutions we offer, you can visit our logistics services page for details. 

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