How to have a better customer experience management in ecommerce

How to have a better customer experience management in ecommerce

Everybody’s aware that there’s an increase in the number of businesses in different sectors nowadays. With more competitors comes more competition. And that’s what makes customer experience  management such a critical piece of the ecommerce industry. Because customers’ purchase decisions aren’t shaped merely by prices, but also by the services provided during and after the purchase. So, here we have all the tips and tricks you need to have better customer experience  management in ecommerce. 

1. Leave no room for questions

If you want your brand to be cherished by your customers, you should always keep them informed and provide quick support when needed. One way you can do this would be to keep your website’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and ‘Help’ segments up to date with helpful content to assist your customers. Moreover, you can make everything easier to comprehend and more interesting by adding video answers to some questions. Of course, you want to be mindful of the duration of the videos. You don’t want your customers to get bored and click out of the video. So keeping them just around a minute long would suffice. 

2. A shared expectation: Solution-oriented call centers

Your customers’ experiences with call centers play a huge role in your brand’s service quality. When customers reach out via the call center, quickly and clearly understanding their needs will make it faster for you to offer them solutions. Some customers might be overly-indecisive, hasty, or angry after encountering issues. In such situations, a great deal of effort to understand the problem and a solution-focused language will be important. However, finding solutions on its own is not enough. It’s also essential to have the skills to transfer the solution to your customers for a pleasant call center experience. According to a Microsoft report, 58% of customers cut their ties with certain brands and prefer others due to unpleasant call center experiences. 

3. Live support means always being there for your customers

Nowadays, we have a need for instant information and solutions whenever we’re curious or faced with a problem. And the live support line on your website plays a huge role in fulfilling this need of your customers. Always being available and quick to come up with solutions makes serious contributions to your brand’s quality and dependability. Whether your business is small or big, if possible, providing 24/7 live support is truly valuable. 

4. Social media followers are the most precious customers

We all know how stressful it is to receive negative comments regarding your brand or products. However, quickly communicating with these customers might help defuse the tension. Taking the negative comments and turning them into positive is a tough but rewarding process. Getting your customers’ contact information and reaching out to them via the call center shows that you care about the issue and the customer. But communication with your customers doesn’t have to be limited to negative experiences. Responding to the customers who love your brand and speak of your products and services highly can strengthen your bond with them. 

5. High star ratings in marketplaces is a must for solid strategies

eMarketer, providing market survey services, claims that its statistics point to an expectation of ecommerce sales making up 18% of the worldwide retail sales starting from 2021. You may be wondering what plays into the high sale numbers. And one of the most undeniable answers to that is, of course, having a high star rating of your business! We suggest you look through our tips and tricks that could help you to have a high star rating. 

Be generous with images

It’s important to have the right number of images of the product you want to sell. Using a minimum of 5-6 images will help your customers get a better look at the product. 

Keep the images high quality

As expected, the product images need to be high quality. Moreover, using different angled images to inform your customers of the product will work wonders as well. Not only that, but according to Shopify’s data, using 3D or 360-degree product images makes it easier for the customers to visualize the product in their head, and helps increase the conversion rate up to by 250%.

Make sure the packages arrive on time 

It’s important to plan and manage the deliveryprocess properly with the help of your cargo companies. Moreover, sharing this process and the important details of it with customers and paying special attention to billing and return processes are of great importance as well. 

Paying importance to these processes will pay off in no time. It will contribute to your sales and star rating generously. 

6. Customer complaint management: Turning negative comments into positive experiences

One thing most customers have in common is their expectation for quick solutions to their problems. To have successful customer complaint management means paying the same amount of attention to all complaints. It’s best to approach each complaint with a positive, solution-oriented, and patient tone. Showing interest in the matter by taking the customer through the steps of your solution always pays out. Transforming the complaints you receive into added-value is also in your hands. Asking yourself questions such as “What do I get complaints about the most and how frequently?” and “Could the source of these complaints be an entirely different thing?” help you gain more insight into the process and find solutions. Moreover, this will help you prevent receiving the same potential complaints in the future. 

7. Customer experience  management in the hands of a professional team

When it comes to ecommerce, another fitting choice is to leave the customer care management to a professional company. fiCommerce, as an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider offers the best customer experience management for brands with its adept team specialized in customer experience. If you’re interested in learning more about the customer experience services fiCommerce offers, you can visit our customer experience  page for further details. 

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