How to Do E-Export to Poland?

How to Do E-Export to Poland?

Poland is 6th biggest economy of European Union is the crowdest country with 37.0 million population of European Union at the same time. If you decide to e-export to Poland, we can say your decision is true. Check the details together that you need to know. 

Which e-commerce categories are prominent in Poland’s market?

According to PPRO’s “Payments and E-Commerce” published in 2022, in e-commerce market fashion category is prominent.

%45 Fashion

%19 Electronic

%15 Toys, Hobbies

%11 Furniture, Home Appliances

%10 Food, Personal Care

What are the most popular marketplaces in Poland?

Among the most visited e-commerce websites in Poland, Allegro comes forward. According to Similar Web data, Allegro’s monthly visitor number is over 200 million. 

The most preferred marketplaces in Poland are like below: (Similar Web,2023)


Exported products from Turkiye to Poland

According to United Nations COMTRADE database, Turkiye’s exportation to Poland was 5,49 Billion ABD dollars in 2022. Well, which products are the most exported ones? You can check the most exported products from Turkiye to Poland from chart, visit Trading Economics page for detailed information.

Vehicles except for railway, tramway 1,41 billion dollars
Machines, nuclear reactors, boiler704,35 million dollars
Garments that are not knitted or crocheted606,94 million dollars
Knitted or crocheted garment579,60 million dollars  
Plastics281,16 million dollars
Aluminium280,18 million dollars
Electronic equipment 273.04 million dollars  
Products made from iron or steel227,95 million dollars
Iron and steel 163,47 million dollars
Rubber148,18 million dollars

Agreement on e-export from Turkiye to Poland

  • In the scope of European Union Tariff Union, in e-export from Turkiye to Poland, there is a tariff tax exemption. 

Between Turkiye-Poland, there is Double Taxing Prevention Agreement, Mutual Provocation and Prevention of Investments Agreement, Regional Trade Agreement. The details of agreements between two countries, you can reach from Ministry of Commerce website.

Taxes on e-export from Turkiye to Poland

  • In Poland, Value Added Taxes is generally applied 23% rate. There are some product categories that provided discount in tax and tax exemption. To get detailed info, you can visit page. 
  • In Poland, Income Tax rate is 32% however up to 8.582 Poland Zloty discounted rate 18% is applied. 
  • The companies established in Poland pays 19% Corporation Income Tax. Small sized and new established companies can benefit from 15% discounted rate.

Packing and labeling rules while e-exporting to Poland

When you are doing export to Poland, EU rules about packing and labeling should be met. 

  • Poland’s high sensitivity about preservatives and colorants in food products, it is recommended that write ingredients detailly.
  • It is important that the products sold to Poland should be in the language of Polish. 
  • It is a requirement that product prices written on national currency zloty.

From where to start e-export to Poland?

In your foreign operations, with your solution partner fiCommerce, you can easily start to e-export to Poland. Let’s have a look e-export process step by step:

  • We setup your e-commerce website with Shopify infrastructure. With our professional, we provide the management of your e-commerce website and marketplace stores. 
  • According to requirements of your brand, keep your stock in our warehouses in Turkiye and Europe, manage your orders. 
  • We response your customers needs in global market fastly with different language customer serviceses support.
  • To get more detailed information about our e-export service, you can visit our E-commerce and Marketplace Management page and contact us.
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