The Benefits of Using Integrator In E-Export Processes

The Benefits of Using Integrator In E-Export Processes

The aim of every entrepreneur who converts his/her dream into real is globalization. The company you established, introduction of the brand you created in different countries, different cultures are in every step of globalization. The popularity of a brand is a term that forms the perception of that brand. As your brand’s popularity increases your target popularity widens, you will concentrate on strategies about situating in more than one market. Selling from Internet accelerates your globalization processes by virtue of many advantages that it presents. To catch up with that momentum, working with professional partners and consultants will ease many difficulties that you may come across. In this blog, we will talk about marketplace integrators that provide you to follow your sales channels from one place. 

1. Product Management with e-export integrators

While you are selling in your country, opening your products to more than one sales channel will bring you lots of opportunities. Absolutely following these channels one by one is both unproductive and may cause lots of mistakes. As your brand grows, along with the demands of your customer your demands in the market may change. In our country where export gains importance every passing day, attain to global markets for growth can be a good alternative. 

Of course, each seller’s common process in e-export who begins to globalization is selling in more than one channel. For instance, to locate in a market where you overlook its language and culture, understanding the needs and demands includes a big part of business however in foreign markets you will experience processes like both these and translation of product name and contents, currency differences that you’ve never come across. E-export integrators present you with various conveniences in product management. Let’s gaze at what they are together.

Selling on different sales channels

Begin e-export with a marketplace of one country and grow your business up to selling in tens of countries, tens of marketplaces and from your website. The process you started to sell on a website that provides shopping only from America, you can bring it to Asian continent. E-export integrators, thanks to their connection with marketplaces and websites will let you begin to sell on channel that you added. After determining in which marketplace which products you will list, through e-export integrators uploading these products in bulk is the beginning of the process. In this step, each marketplace has its own demands and by entering the required information you can start to sell.

If you get any mistake for any reason when your products upload, you can see the reason and what you should do from the integrator. Like you want to add a channel, you may want to disconnect for sales. Let’s say that you sell on two marketplaces in Europe, if your sales are higher by the name of managing your stock productively you can passive this channel temporarily.  Besides, by the name of stock management, you can open certain products on certain channels, close some of them. Creating product lists related to it and following in which channel how many products you have are significant benefits of e-export integrators. Another topic, you can manage when you want to completely close a channel that you give up to sell by deleting your store from the integrator.

Translation of written product contents and currency differences

One of the most important obstacles in front of globalization is undoubtedly language. High translation fees, due to presenting incorrect services many brands either failed or were exceedingly forced into their foreign market journeys. The increasing opportunities by developing technology eased the level of the issue anymore. In online commerce, to open new markets, the topic of language is not a big obstacle as in the past. E-export integrators with some additional services offers inside of them can translate contents belonging to your products according to market’s language. Soever English is a global language, some marketplaces oblige to product listing in related country’s language and offer language-speaker customer service. In product listing, it will be a requirement about using relevant country language in many fields like product name, description, variant information, product features, product category. E-export integrator’s translation services provide you advantages in that issue. 

Another important and strong factor that differentiates markets from each other is currency.  Updating channels one by one where you sell with euro, gain income with dollars makes your business harder. At that point, inside of e-export integrators currency converter feature provides you to follow your income in the most effective way. Besides some integrators offer you to follow from where, how much will you get. Because every marketplace pays to seller in different time spans. With e-export integrator you can make your commitments quite productively even though currency differences.

Setup price rules (repricing)

In e-export world where is full of opportunities, sellers are in intense competition to offer opportunities to customers too. Gaining buybox, activities like sending gifts, campaigns you need to keep pace with and one step forward. In the face of your competitors stabilizing your prices too high will cause you to lose potential sales. In order to prevent that, you can set some pricing rules from e-export integrators on the basis of sales channel and currency.

Guess that in a sales channel, your competitor decreased the product 0.5 cents, if you configure a decrease by 0.6 cents according to the price update in this channel from your integrator, this update will send automatically. Not only competitor pursuit and price automation but also you can set repricing rules among currencies. As euro same product you’ve listed like 0.49 form, will be rolled up like 0.99 Poland Zloty.

2. Order management with e-export integrators

We activated more than one channel, uploaded our products and completed steps related to products. The current step is coming orders and following them. Checking the whole sales channels one by one whether there is any order or not will be a quite waste of time. In local market, brands who sell more than one channel use integrators for that, in e-export it presents the same advantages. You can easily follow from which channel, how many orders came and the status of that orders. E-export integrators which pull in order data belonging to sales channels give you statistical pieces of information as well. You can examine your store’s performance, total order volume according to time periods like monthly-weekly etc. in the shape of graphics. 

Order shipping and order status 

E-export integrators as keeping your incoming orders from sales channels in one pool, provide you to configure how an order will be shipped that from which channel and country. Besides it eases selecting shipping companies and transfers the tracking numbers belonging to your orders both your customer and you. Similar to when you are matching categories to your uploaded products, you can match cargo. However, here matching is not on the basis of product, may be on the basis of order region and sales channel. Just as marketplaces demand some authentic requirements, the same will be valid for cargo processes. To be updated order status in the marketplace correctly, that marketplace and cargo company should be integrated into each other. In your website, feeding order statuses correctly to your fulfillment partner is directly applied to integrate your website. 

Before starting to sell abroad, we recommend you search cargo companies detailly. In local distribution, each company’s region-based performances may change and in the abroad, this situation is the same. For instance, DHL which is very fast in Germany may be slow in Italy and DPD that gives service with the same performance in Poland cannot desired to perform in Romania.

Returns and cancels

In online shopping return and canceled order has an important part. Sometimes when the seller has no enough stock, sometimes customer’s utilization his/her retract right, an order can be canceled. In the case of your customer’s cancellation e-export integrators inform you about the coming cancellation from sales channels. If your integrator and 3. party logistics service provider is connected, if this status arrives on time, the good keep in stock without out. Return management is a little bit more follow-up requiring orders. You can check it content for returns in warehouse operations here. Here e-export integrators benefits offer you, to collect statistical data related to return reasons, return rates, from which channel in which products/product groups more return you get in one screen.

3. Operation management

Up to here what we talked about, in fact, handles most of operations’ essential steps. In e-export, it requires all by itself entrepreneurship and a good operation management. E-export integrators save you from hard-to-follow, manual charges can be plus and productivity-decreasing operational charges. Also an important detail belonging to the order is invoice step. In some countries obligatory invoice sending, some integrators integrate with different invoice companies.


These almost all cloud-based (from web services and not required for downloading) working applications can disrupt time to time within itself. You may come across with similar topics like from your sales channels order stuck or not updating order status, despite entering all information correctly and sufficiently receiving an error. In this case, you can request a support from them.

Support field not only for their services but also for you. Some integrators may offer marketplace support, the scope of that is except for the topics about the marketplace itself. For example, if you sell shoes, which marketplace in Italy would be suitable for your aim or for the opening of your store if you have any lacks they may guide you about what you should do. Inside some of them offer the services like marketing tools are evaluated wider. Keywords that you can add to your product name, in your description what if you write to impress in searches or integrate your social media accounts to integrators as well.

fiCommerce and ChannelEngine are with you in your e-export processes!

With our partner ChannelEngine who started their story in the Netherlands and located marketplace and webshop integration in a global scope, we manage your e-export processes end-to-end. ChannelEngine’s fast and solution-focused team provide you to begin your operational processes easily in marketplaces where you begin to sell. Every marketplace has its own processes, ChannelEngine with their experiment in the sector provides you to do suitable product listing for marketplace requirements. Also with its easy-to-use panel, you can send your products to the correct categories. Following the order status, condition of your return and with the structure that integrates to your warehouse management system easily, ChannelEngine make the all steps intended to your customer experience fluid. For online sales this topic is quite important. 

ChannelEngine which has most of the features and advantages we mentioned above, provides you to manage smoothly when you are starting to e-export. If you want to get detailed information about fiCommerce and ChannelEngine partnership end-to-end e-export services, contact us!

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