11 Tips for Fashion E-Commerce Industry 

11 Tips for Fashion E-Commerce Industry 

It is clearly shown that shopping rate in the fashion industry is unprecedented. According to Statista, ecommerce fashion expenditures from 2022 are expected to reach 713 billion dollars. It is absolutely a good idea to sell in the fashion industry, where experts predict an increase of more than %10 per year. If you are selling clothing and accessories in ecommerce platforms, the tips we share will be beneficial for you.

1. Stand out in Buybox

The Buy Box algorithm applied in the marketplaces, highlights sellers who offer advantageous prices among the stores selling the same product. For example, if the same shoe is offered for purchase by more than one vendor in a marketplace, offering advantageous offers such as discounts on that product and free shipping may increase your visibility in buybox.

2. Use psychological pricing

Examples of psychological pricing, which are frequently encountered in daily life, create a low-price perception in consumers. Instead of a whole number, giving close fractional numbers makes the price of the product seem lower. For example, for a bag you want to sell for 1.000 USD, entering the price as 999,90 USD will make it easier to buy.

3. Offer bundles

Would you like to offer bundlesby combining similar or complementary products? This technique makes it easy to create custom prices and sell multiple products at the same time. Especially, you can reduce your shipping costs by bringing your low-priced products together in the same package. For example, in winter, bundle a package of scarves, berets and gloves.

4. Cross-sell with combination recommendations

You can recommend other products that can be combined with sold items to your customers who put an apparel or accessory in the basket. You can increase your sales with this technique called cross-selling. For example, if you recommend a t-shirt to your customer as a combination who purchases jeans, you can sell two products instead of one. You can find more information about cross-selling in our article Increasing Sales with Cross-Selling in Ecommerce.

5. Try to take a place in notifications

In online marketplaces, consumers add your products to favorite list Discounting these products make them notified, so, they can visit your store. As a result, the more notifications you make, the more visitors you will have the chance to attract and sell.

6. Determine the product name correctly

If you are selling in the fashion industry, it is useful to give detailed information about your products. You can include the brand name, product type, color and material in the name. For example, you can complete the brand name with detailed expressions such as Women’s Beige Long Sleeve T-shirt, Men’s Black Canvas Pants.

 7. Select the most appropriate category

Most of the visitors of the stores in the marketplaces come from the search results. In order to encounter consumers for your products in search results, you need to categorize your products the most accurate way. If there are two different options, such as sneakers and casual shoes, it is important to make the right categorization. While the sports category attracts more performance-oriented customers, the others may be the choice of customers who follow the trend.

8. Write effective product description

Including product dimensions, size and material information, , size of the model in the photo, size chart and accessory information in the product description will allow customers to know more about the products and help their buying decisions

9. Be a part of the sustainable fashion trend

Sustainability has great role about protect nature and life. According to GlobalWebIndex’s research, %60 of internet users say they buy environmental friendly products more. You may include pieces of natural fabrics that do not harm nature in your collection andoffer your customers long-lasting products, likewise recommendations for product maintenance. Alsorecyclables usage for packaging is another good idea.

10. Work integrated with social media

Social media is one of the best tool where brands can display their identity and products, especially in the field of fashion. Using your social media accounts as a shopping channel by opening your Instagram and Facebook stores is a way to increase your sales. Instagram states that 130 million users click on their shopping posts every day. Collaborating with fashion influencers is also a good choice for your brand. You can get detailed information from our Name of Trade on social media: Social Commerce article.

11. Give your customers a visual experience

It is an exciting experience to visit clothing and accessories stores. Your customers would enjoy this experience to the fullest. With high-resolution photos showing products at 360 degrees, allow users to explore every detail. In addition, you will show how your products fit people in everyday life with many different photos.

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